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  1. Can anyone that has taken the assessment recently tell me whether there was a maths test involved? I have had conflicting reports
  2. Next course -February 2018?

    Do the MDP ever take on rejoiners like the CNC? I was an AFO with the MDP but left around 2 years ago. I have an app in with the CNC but would prefer to come back to the MDP at Devonport
  3. Can anyone tell me whether the CNC is a SEARCH assessment? I'm wondering whether I can apply for the MDP at the same time
  4. What month are assessment days currently being offered?
  5. What day does the assessment centre generally take place on or do they run them all week?
  6. MOD Police Recruitment

    If I'm transferring from the met what are the chances of me not being posted to AWE Reading? Are there any postings in the south west?