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  1. I've got my medical tomorrow. Hoping to make January course.

  2. I've got my medical this Thursday. Should pass that, then it's just a case of waiting for vetting and references. Hoping to make January course as I've applied for Sellafield. 

    How long did you have to wait for results of medical? 

    1. bodkd


      Hi there. You get told on the day unless they refer you to a panel or head of medical. But it only took week to confirm in email too. Good luck. 

  3. Transferring from Fire Brigade

    Hi there. At the end of the day it's a choice only you will know what is the right option. Gathering other people views or thoughts (pushing aside the stereotypical unhelpful comments), and follow your heart. I recently left the fire service after just over 12 years service and have joined the police. Strangely enough on the induction evening I bumped into another firefighter from my same service who had also jumped ship after 9 years service. I went with my heart, and yes the grass isn't always greener etc but unless you try you don't know was my opinion. Good luck whatever your choice may be.
  4. Hi there, If there's no shift allowance mentioned, then my guess would be it's already taken into account on the yearly salary. There are many emergency services/roles that don't have a separate shift allowance as it's included in the salary. It's only a starting salary and I guess rises incremental with experience and time served. It's money saving time unfortunately. The Winsor review getting new PC's on £19000 as a start too.
  5. Eyesight, Fitness and Medical

    Hi Tom, I would also speak to recruitment. Some forces will not let u apply for a certain period after having laser treatment on eyes and some forces do not allow this at all. So I would double check with the force u r currently going through the stages. I wouldn't want u to pass the assessment etc and then it doesn't count due to waiting too long after surgery.
  6. One Word Association

  7. ABC - Destinations with a twist

    Nuneaton North Yorkshire Exeter
  8. It is used I believe as a monitoring option, to show they do not discriminate against people on their race, religion etc.
  9. I am sure your question has been answered above, but I would think the police should be able to guide you.
  10. One Word Association