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  1. Completed my fitness test yesterday... Anymore numbers I don't have for the whatsapp group? 5 of us in there now...
  2. Sazzle the assessment centre is the same whichever force you apply for. I've done the assessment centre twice in Ryton for Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire, also done the assessment centre for the met in London... It was all the same! They seem to be processing my application for Jan/Feb, I've done my biometric vetting last week, medical last week and fitness test this coming Tuesday!
  3. Induction day CKP knowledge test

    Is anyone else still waiting to here back for a medical date? I handed in all my forms ages ago and I already have my CKP! I really want January intake. Remember guys there is a whatsapp group so send me your number to join
  4. Hey add me to that whatsapp group if you start one, my numbers +353851167794 (its irish)

  5. Guys if any of you have passed your SEARCH assessment and are looking to start for Hertfordshire, forward me your number in PM and we can start a whatsapp group to get to know our potential future colleagues! Also let eachother know where we are in the application.
  6. Lucky! I've passed my CKP last year, handed in all forms such as medical forms and vetting etc. Yet I still haven't heard amy thing since July when I sent back all my forms!
  7. No sorry I am talking about your SEARCH assessment day, when did you have it? As I had mine June 25th... What date is your medical/fitness?
  8. Dunne James, you seem to be worrying too much about CKP just relax... CKP is easy enough to pass... the induction day I don't know, probably multiple choice but even if you fail on the induction day you can still start training. Can you tell me when your day 1 was? And when your potentially trying to start? As I passed my CKP over a year ago, done my day 1 late June but I'm still yet to hear back about a medical.. I really need to start in January!
  9. Ah ok, I see now! Sorry if you thought I was being angry with you being processed before me, I wasn't! I just hate the lack of communication from Herts, I sent a few forms back with no confirmation of receiving them, so who knows what's going on! Ha I don't live in Herts, I'm only a young one I still live with my parents in Cambridge, so as an area of preference I'm going to try and choose Royston as it will be easy to travel too. To be honest I wouldn't mind Stevenage either as my ex lives there (no not to stalk her we are still good friends!) ha How about yourself?
  10. Hey Jon When did you do your SEARCH assessment? Are you saying you got your email with all your forms etc. to fill out on 4th August? If so I am really annoyed! lol I sat my SEARCH assessment on June 25th, I only received the email with all the forms to fill out on 25th August! I am really hoping for the January intake... I just feel as though I could have been processed much quicker.. I completed my CKP last year so they already had confirmation of my certificate.
  11. I've finally got an email from Herts police with the next stages... Here are the current intakes. January 2016 Induction day Saturday 21st November 2015 21 weeks training: 4th January 2016 – 4th June 2016 Annual leave allowed: 19th March 2016 –28th March 2016 February 2016 Induction day Saturday 5th December 2015 21 weeks training: 8th February 2016 – 9th July 2016 Annual leave allowed: Easter (25th & 28th March) & 23rd April 2016 –2nd May 2016 March 2016 Induction day Saturday 30th January 2016 22 weeks training: 14th March 2016 – 20th August 2016 Annual leave allowed: Easter (25th & 28th March), 2 bank holidays, 4th June 2016 – 12th June 2016
  12. Anyone heard anything since receiving their SEARCH assessment results? I haven't heard anything since and I received my results over 1 month ago!
  13. Ah great information! I'm hoping to be on the January course, I should be anyway! Although I did have the hiccup with vetting for the MET. Theoretically, I should be able to start immediately in the September intake, I have recently undergone special constable selection for Cambridgeshire police and seeing as though Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cambridgeshire are Tri-force they should have all the information needed. In the past 3 months I have passed medical, fitness and vetting with Cambridgeshire specials, but hertfordshire said they couldn't transfer my medical and fitness, I didn't ask about vetting! EDIT: Chhay, you make feel much better about my selection score, as I didn't prepare at all! Ha but I guess I have been through it previously.
  14. Did you send it off in time?
  15. Thanks! I'm sure you can, I think they have stopped the information evening, not sure why? But when I applied we had to go to one to be able to apply! Hope your application form goes alright, you'll probably get on the January intake!