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  1. Im the same, so we will be in the same group! How are your nerves holding up macleod10?
  2. Hi guys, First time poster (well technically 2nd) but have been lurking with intent for a while now & as i have my assessment centre & final interview coming up i thought i'd introduce myself & share a little about my recruitment experience. I applied in Sept 2012, had my combined Fitness & SET in Feb 2013, Initial Interview was in March 2013 which i passed & was advised i would now move to Vetting stage. This is where things hit a little snag shall we say & i received a letter at the end of April 2013 to say that i had failed the vetting stage! Gutted would be putting it mildly but i was advised of the reason for my fail & allowed to appeal. It then took a further 6 months of me drafting my appeal & gathering references to have the decision overturned (Oct 2013) & allowed to continue the recruitment process. I was then advised that as so much time had elapsed from my Initial interview & it was now Police Scotland they would like me to come back in for a 2nd Initial Interview which was at the end of Oct 2013. Luckily, although it was a bit different from my previous interview i managed to pass. Although it was a bit of a nightmare through the waiting & having to do another initial, recruitment were great & the Sgt i spoke with was very nice & helpful. Just hoping i can be successful at the assessment centre now, it’s been a journey so far! So as the title says, anyone else who originally applied to Strathclyde still going through the process or am i the only one left? Thanks. :)
  3. Hi macleod10, I have my assessment centre/final interview on Tues 4th Feb over at Jackton, where is yours?