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  1. Hi everyone, I recently became a student officer for GMP and im due to start in January. I found out recently that i was assigned to the A division which was first choice. I was chuffed about this as it is an easy commute and is very busy incident wise so will be a great start to the career. I recieved a call today from recruitment saying that the Chief super of A wanted to know if I could swap with a special constable who had also recently got onto the training as he had 'worked in the A' and had 'Skills and Knowledge of the area'. The division I would swap with is alot harder for me to commute too and is an area that although still busy dosnt include the city centre. My question is: Am I right to say that i would still like the A division or is that selfish? Will i be already putting myself in the bad books if I don't move ? I can appreciate that the Chief Super would prefer a special constable to me [who has never been a special and worked as a call handlet for a year] but i have worked my arse off to get the job and i had my heart on being on the central division with the main headquarters. Many thanks