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  1. Norfolk Regs

    Anyone else got a start date for May?
  2. Vetting "Criminal" parent

    I initially failed vetting, with similar family circumstances to yours, but won on appeal. The issue comes in that if there is more than one potential 'issue' it is a struggle to know which one is the problem as they can't tell you! It makes it difficult to write an appeal.
  3. Norfolk Regs

    Kmitch - Yes it can be very frustrating, and to fail at the last hurdle after such a long wait can be soul destroying, but don't give up if it is something you want to do. I have now got a start date, so finally the end of the road is in sight for me :)
  4. Norfolk Regs

    not any more! doesn't appear to be anyone else in it now :)
  5. Norfolk Regs

    Anyone got any updates on where they are at? Sammy - did you get in on the November intake? I am still waiting for intake date, I suspect Feb is full now but hoping for the next available one. I have done everything, final board, medical, vetting etc. but am still waiting for an SMP medical appointment since November (think this stands for specialist medical practitioner) to be signed off fit to join the pension (was signed fit by FMA for job, but referred for SMP for pension). This is taking ages unfortunately and I don't have an appointment yet. Has anyone else had to have an SMP and how long this took? I applied unsuccessfully the first time (failed final board) in early 2014, so including that time I have been trying for coming up to 3 years! :) so close now it is so hard waiting for a date....... If they suddenly decided they were freezing recruitment I would be so gutted!
  6. Norfolk Regs

    how did your interview go Mike?
  7. Norfolk Regs

    They let me know same day, I dont think you will wait long to find out. My fitness was about a month later, but I think it varies. Let us know how you get on
  8. Norfolk Regs

    Had medical, uniform fitting etc. apparently November 2016 intake is full, so looking at February 2017. Its been a long process but at least there is finally some light at the end of the tunnel..... :) Anyone else had any news? There doesn't seem to be many in the process, or at least not that are on this forum anyway!
  9. Norfolk Regs

    I am pleased to say I have passed final interview this time round :) Got dates for fitness and medical too Where is everyone else in the process?
  10. Norfolk Regs

    Been given a final interview date for a couple of weeks time, so just cracking on with the prep for the presentation. This is where I fell down last time, so just trying to make sure I nail it this time. Couldn't face going through the whole thing for a 3rd time so this is my last shot! Wish me luck! Anyone else had any news?
  11. Norfolk Regs

    I passed the assessment centre, but got worse results than when I did it the first time, which was surprising as I was less nervous as I knew what to expect. I had one bad role play which really brought the score down I think, Got full marks on the numerical and written tests, but as I understand it, they don't count as much towards your overall percentage. Oh well, pass is a pass I suppose! Just the long wait for board interview now......... Iguntrip - have you got a date yet for AC?
  12. Norfolk Regs

    You talked it up! just had an email to say on assessment centre 22/06/16, you heard anything yet?
  13. Norfolk Regs

    I had an email to say the pictures I sent in with my application of my tattoos had been assessed and were deemed acceptable, so things must be ticking along. Hopefully there will be some news soon, but patience is key, there will be lots more waiting to come if you get through the paper sift
  14. Norfolk Regs

    nope not heard anything yet, but not surprised. Last time it was a year and half between sending off application form, to having final interview!
  15. Norfolk Regs

    Hi, yes I have just returned my registration for Norfolk. Second time round for me! Got to final board interview in 2014 but unfortunately I think nerves got the best of me on the day. Such a long process but you just have to do your best at each stage then try and forget about it for a few months! Best of luck with the SEARCH assessment! Recruitment wasn't open for long this time, I would imagine there were a huge number of applications, there usually is.