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  1. My issue with this is that you respond to a Grade 1/A/Immediate and on scene rarely would I put on a hat, be in hard, soft, flat, bowler, peaked, baseball cap or otherwise so personally I do not see the need, If I am out on foot beat/public order is custodians anyway which in my view look to offer more protection than these! So in my opinion ditch the tens of thousands its costing to roll these out and by a few more tasers, or give everyone better batons or trousers that stay black! The only jobs I can see where these would be great are for those jobs involving getting out and following the dog, or area searching for things - but then I do not see the need for the 'hard' part of it and they could just issue/allow officers to wear normal baseball caps for this purpose. I would expect an officer attending an SD or delivering a death message to be wearing a Hat, but I would always adopt the flat cap over any form of baseball cap for this purpose.
  2. Accept the PIN, it is just a notice explaining what her allegations are, and if she makes further false allegations then you will have the chance to put your side across in interview and negate any crimes she may have alleged. The key word you have put is that she could lie again, who's to say she won't and then you can live separate lives and never contact each other or have police involvement again.
  3. Right. So you are missing details from your initially post then. I am not saying you do not have a right to complain I am merely saying it is not the police you should be complaining to for non criminal neighbour disputes. Speak to your local council and housing association about it and see what they can do. I'm not going to even begin to compare this neighbour dispute to the investigation into two murders of children - and for you to suggest such a thing is quite ridiculous!
  4. Okay; So the last time you saw him was Jan and he said 'Hello;' You played music at 2pm and he played music at 2pm; Theres no damage to the door which he has keys for your door suggesting some sort of ownership - apart from the scratch; You haven't seen him do any of these things you are just assuming; And you started it by complaining about his laminate flooring. Unless I am missing something huge here I cannot comprehend how you would expect the police to arrest him?
  5. What you expect and what Police powers, time and resources allow for are totally different... Instead of moaning about it ask some productive questions about what you should/shouldn't do. I am sure admin will be happy for this to continue with the normal disclaimer that this forum isn't for legal advice and that you should speak to a solicitor but here goes... in order of incidents: He has been smoking weed in his flat which is coming into mine He was dealing, when I told the HA he stopped doing it from the house but still smokes He has stood across the road staring at me (more creepy then criminal) He has kicked my door 3 times and 2 times All of the above sound like a case of neighbour anti social behaviour to me - what are you doing in response to this? Are you conversing with him? Shouting back? Getting antsy with him? even talking to him in conversation? Any damage cause when he kicked the doors? was this reported as criminal damage? do you actually know it was him or are you assuming? He scratched my car Was this reported to the police when it happened as a case of criminal damage? Do you have evidence to suggest that it was him or are you putting 2+2 together and assuming because of your history? What was the outcome of this? Damage? Cost? He wrote "die" in his language (which i googled) on my door. Again, was this reported to the police when it happened as a case of criminal damage? Do you have evidence to suggest that it was him or are you putting 2+2 together and assuming because of your history? What was the outcome of this? Damage? Cost? Whilst I can empathise with you regarding having neighbour problems, there is not always police intervention required and actually the council and housing associations have a lot of steps they can take including ultimately putting in junctions in place against ASB and evicting people if they feel in necessary and a court agrees, Have you spoken to them about it? For there to be the offence of harassment there has to be a clear course of conduct showing one way traffic from him to you, an argument for example is not harassment as you are responding! For someone to be arrested for this offence there has to be a necessity for that arrest which from what you have written I do not see. What will arresting him do? Lock him up for a few hours before he is released... Hopefully that will give you some things to think about - in the mean time do not slate your NPT or local police as I am sure you can imagine everyone is extremely busy ALL of the time, with a case load they are investigating and responding to 999 jobs, which I would like to hope you didn't call as this does not sound like an emergency.
  6. Light Placement On Cars is your friend on this one - have a read through this and see if that answers your questions.
  7. Will Having Asthma Be An Issue At The Medical?

    No it shouldn't be - I am exactly the same as you mate - Mild Asthma not using inhalers. Because you have them prescribed they may tell you to carry one when working.
  8. Communication Officer Advice

    As a PC I would expect the role of a comms officer to be to receive phone calls from the public; gain as much information that could help the PC dealing; do background checks on the person calling and/or anyone they mention, PNC, Local Crime Systems, Previous calls and pass that information onto a CAD for the dispatcher to pass onto the officer. You will join a 'team' of comms officers and work the same shift pattern with them, this is in line with the teams of response officers on the ground. The role is all about communicating with the MOP calling gain as much info as you can and type it out into the CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) which the officers can look at. In terms of progression - I know comms officers who have applied and progressed into the role of PC or alternatively you can move around in the Control Room - work on dispatch, supervisory roles, the non emergency lines or other staff roles in the police, media, crime research/recording, investigative work. Best of luck and maybe see you about at Norfolk HQ soon!
  9. Ex and harassment

    Yes, but it is not a warning for harassment; either you commit the offence or you do not so you cannot be warned for an offence you haven't committed! It is simply a notice saying that if you continue with the way you are behaving then you may be pursued for the offence of harassment. There is nothing legally binding about one!
  10. Ex and harassment

    I would disagree with that Ninja Jedi... Harassment is defined as a 'course of conduct' and I do not think that 1 incident amounts to harassment. However, if I am correct you are talking about a PIN; in which case a PIN could be issued after just one incident as a PIN is to inform the perpetrator/s that their behaviour would count as harassment if continued. So whilst a PIN is not a legal document it does show that the perpetrator is aware of their behaviour and if it continues then the criminal offence of harassment may be pursued.
  11. Recruitment

    Welcome Francis, 1: If there is not enough space then attach an extension sheet onto the application form before you post. They are looking for both! 2: Put just that - something along the lines of 'Previously applied to Westshire Police for the position of PC however I am unable to remember the exact dates, it was approximately 10 years ago' Something like that. 3: As above - be honest that you cannot remember! Best of luck, CC
  12. How did you prepare to join the police...

    Hi Karl, I joined when I was 19, haven't found age to be too much of an issue in speaking with people, you'll get a few snide comments regarding age, mainly from drunk people i have found so far!! I worked in customer service before which I think gave me a good grounding; seriously helped me out in terms of speaking to people. With your final board wait until you have received some feedback and then work on the points they bring up - Mine was seriously daunting and so relieving when It was done! Perhaps look at joining the specials in the mean time? It will give you good experience of what the job is like and allow you to apply your criminology degree practically, although obviously you need to have the time to commit to it which can be hard. Feel free to message me if you want to chat about what force it was and if you want any advice about the process. Best of luck, CC
  13. Training and Holiday

    Not 100% as not a met officer - but I would assume it's no holiday for the whole time or they will plan your holiday in. You can't miss out on any courses that are mandatory and I doubt you can take time off during what sounds like your tutorship. Best bet is to ring HR and ask if you need the time off but be prepared for them to put you on a different intake! Best of luck, C-C
  14. Communications Officer Interview Tomorrow..

    Hi J, There's not much I can say about the assessment centre, because I do not know much but I just wanted to say... Be yourself and enjoy it! Let us know how you get on, Good Luck! Whitnaj
  15. Your back up boots! (2nd choice)

    Yeah I am a CFAV with the Army Cadets so have been wearing them about 6 months now - they are a cracking boot, a little heavy but I can stand up 12+ hours all day and my feet are fine. They are alright when running swell, although not as good as the Altberg Sneekers! My magnums are the Cobra 8.0 waterproof. I got them in go-outdoors who price match and take away 10% so only cost about 40 quid!