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  1. Early 2014 Intake

    April last year! sent from tapatalk.
  2. Early 2014 Intake

    Indeed. I have them nailed I think! sent from tapatalk.
  3. Early 2014 Intake

    All of the race awareness and all of human rights and a few bits of the other one. Don't forget to polish your boots sent from tapatalk.
  4. Early 2014 Intake

    Yes thats right. sent from tapatalk.
  5. June start

    Hi people. I am starting as a new recruit in June and I hace been given south. I an going to be living near Kendal and was wondering if there are many people who commute to barrow from Kendal? What is the shift pattern used in Cumbria? Sent from my LT22i using Tapatalk
  6. Early 2014 Intake

    I got the invite to the pre training meet and greet on the 10th but unfortunately I can't be there. So would you all keep me in the loop as to what is said? Thanks in advance. Sent from my LT22i using Tapatalk
  7. Early 2014 Intake

    You got north? That was my first choice. South is good too Sent from my LT22i using Tapatalk
  8. Early 2014 Intake

    Hey - congrats it will be good to meet you all. Does anyone know the cumbria policy on beards? Also what boots are you all getting?
  9. Early 2014 Intake

    Hi All, i look forward to meeting you all. never been to aspatria - sorry. does anyone know if cumbria provides boots? Cant remember if they took shoe sizes during the uniform fitting.
  10. Early 2014 Intake

    I'm in!!! south lakes starting on 2nd June!
  11. Early 2014 Intake

    It is true that barrow is at the edge of the lake district and then another 20 mins driving but it is not so bad. i am going to be living near kendal and from there to barrow is approx 55mins. but with traffic it could be more. However the barrow area office covers all the way to kendal and all of the south lakes - so although head office could be barrow, you could be posted anywhere in that area. I am happy with north or south, as i will be living halfway between the two. And the chances are the commute will be less than to head office as the post will more than likely be in another town - hopefully!!
  12. Early 2014 Intake

    Where are you thinking of living? assuming you will be working in or around barrow. whats your name?
  13. Early 2014 Intake

    Hey I have been told i am on the list for the next intake, whenever that will be. I have no idea where i will be posted but barrow wouldnt be too bad. I grew up there, so i know the problems that we will encounter but i will be living near to kendal so i would prefer that. let us know what you find out and i will do the same.
  14. Early 2014 Intake

    Hi All I am currently waiting for confirmation of a start date having passed every stage. I believe the proposed date is the 2nd June but the date will be confirmed this week. You were all talking about if you were making a big move to start in cumbria - I am coming from Spain!! ha ha ha. R