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  1. RLC V borough

    An absolute treasure you found there, thoroughly enjoyed it and gave me a great insight in regards to what to expect, brilliant video tjmcguire95 (Y)
  2. Royal Gibraltar police

    Haha yeah that programme glorifies Gibraltar it is how you see it, because I stay with my gran I never need a hotel luckily but the cheapest one there is "the Bristol hotel" and "the caletta" is the most expensive but if it's just to get your head down then the Bristol will be suitable for you my friend
  3. Royal Gibraltar police

    Gibs a lovely pleasant place guys, all my dads side of th family live there, I went over this September for national day, that's one day next year your have your work cut out is national day gets chaotic, I'm joining the met in jan but j think one day il get a transfer out to gib to be closer to my family, any questions about Gib in happy to help the best I can and good luck guys!
  4. Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    MB89, I think there's been a major cockup as I had the same email on Friday made me panick, contacted both employers and they had both said they had submitted them last month but just to make sure they re submitted them, so as it stands do you still have a conditional offer as when I phoned then fri I told them I got one for jan 05th however it's under managers review, Christ I just want to start, it's been a few stressful months for us all I bet!
  5. Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    briill its jamilwells@live.co.uk
  6. Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    Just been offered jan 05th more than happy, yeah cmon people lets start a facebook group/page
  7. Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    No problem it's jamilwells@live.co.uk
  8. Met Police PC 5th January 2015 Intake

    What is the group called friend? Or can you send me an invite my name on fb is "Jamil Bruzon-Wells" many thanks
  9. 5th January 2015 intake

    Im currently under managers review but more than likely put in for jan 05th intake too as ive passed everything including vetting, CKP ect! , can you guys add me to the fb group, my name on there is "Jamil Bruzon-Wells" many thanks 👍
  10. Vetting Internal & External

    Thankyou Rupertchoo for the reassurance! Its nice to know that other people have been in my boots, its probably gonna be th longest wait of my life but sure will be worth it, its just one of those things as its so important to me, I'm just looking for a positive outcome.....2 weeks ago my vetting officer said theres nothing to worry about but the wait is just making me feel on edge, so close yet so far kinda feeling!!!
  11. Vetting Internal & External

    I think you have hit th nail on th head, i have a foreign name and half my family live in Gibraltar, do u have any idea how much longer "situations like this" are delayed for? I know they are run off their feet but i would be so gutted if i didnt get the Oct intake as i have made friends with so many fantastic people, i suppose all i can do is play the waiting game and hopefully soon it pays off
  12. Vetting Internal & External

    Oh glad someone's here to relate with th headache I'm encountering, i understand they have a lot of applicants to filter through but if people who were on my day 2 have all had conditional offers and mine is still in research then alarm bells are bound to ring!!! So my friend whats the status of your file in this moment of time?
  13. Ok guys, so i have abit of a predicament, back in July i had my day 2 by then i passed my CKP already, 3 weeks ago i phoned HR and they said my file is "still in research" last week i phoned them and they had told me the same, so this time i asked if they could explain what this meant, it means that all vetting is checked & cleared internally but externally their still waiting confirmation from "Security Services" for them to give me a conditional offer, now i am slightly concerned for more than one reason, all the candidates that were on my day 2 have all received conditional offers and i been following this forum on a day to day basis & i seen that the Oct intake could potentially be full & if I'm not lucky enough to get offered Nov intake then the next intake wont be until end of Jan 2015 which is a worrying factor........has anyone else experienced this hold up or anything similar? Of any of you guys can give me advice or put me in contact with someone who can help, that would mostly appreciated, many thanks
  14. Friends, isit possible to get offered a provisional offer whilst being on med hold temporary? As have just found out all my vetting is sufficient enough to have been passed successfully?
  15. I have a friend on week 6, Its only what I was told, apparently each training school differs, so depends on your borough