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  1. Royal Gibraltar police

    Haha yeah that programme glorifies Gibraltar it is how you see it, because I stay with my gran I never need a hotel luckily but the cheapest one there is "the Bristol hotel" and "the caletta" is the most expensive but if it's just to get your head down then the Bristol will be suitable for you my friend
  2. Royal Gibraltar police

    Gibs a lovely pleasant place guys, all my dads side of th family live there, I went over this September for national day, that's one day next year your have your work cut out is national day gets chaotic, I'm joining the met in jan but j think one day il get a transfer out to gib to be closer to my family, any questions about Gib in happy to help the best I can and good luck guys!
  3. Met typical day

    Best of luck my friend, I'm guessing your on the Aug intake, all exciting stuff ey, hope goes well for you :)