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  1. Herts

    Hi all! I am currently serving in the Met and i am interested in the transfer opportunity Herts have at the moment. Does anyone on here currently serve in Herts and have any advice about the force? Good areas to work etc. And also any idea of where they a likely to post officers. I currently work on Emergency Response and I would like to move to response in Herts. Are they likely to post into neighbourhoods or response? or would we be likely to get a choice. Thanks in advance for your advice. HP
  2. Waltham Forest posting

    Ive not worked there myself however i know a few people who do. Generally people say its a decent borough which will keep you busy enough. There should be a fairly good variety of crimes for you to get stuck into while you're a probbie.
  3. Info about CW

    Hi guys, I am mid way through my training and i am off to CW. More so I have just received news that i am going out to Belgravia. Can anyone spread some knowledge as to what it is like to police this particular area? I have heard mixed reviews from people about it so I was just wondering if anyone could spread a little more light on the sort of things I will be doing there when I finally make it out to Borough! Cheers!