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  1. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Yea i think so. I don't think there is a definite answer. It's easy when you have a vehicle be a use you can chuck your food in your kit bag...however I'm very much a 'beat bobby' and prefer foot or cycle patrol....pocket snacks I think are the way forward.
  2. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Potentially...problem is getting there before they close...If they do...I'm thinking more the local library which is only just off my patch....but they aren't open 24/7...majority of my beat is estates and industrial area so unless I pop my stuff on the local residents fridges...a little tough haha
  3. Food and Water on the Beat.

    I remember that programme! Good times....I do find I eat a larger meal before I leave for work just in case...but i know that eating one meal a day isn't healthy...just trying to be good I suppose haha.
  4. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Don't get me wrong on this one....I'm not saying walking is my only means of getting to and from...just wondered as I have been caught short many a time on my way back to the nick to eat and got caught up in something so wondered if any old sweats might have had a trick or two of keeping the energy up when out and about.
  5. I was a PCSO with Thames Valley Police and am now a PC with the Met. I personally loved being a PCSO and do miss it. The role of a PCSO varies from force to force eg TVP PCSOs have numerous more powers designated to them that Met pcso's don't Such as power to search under 18s for alcohol and under 16s for tobacco, issuing of PND's for certain offences (though this varies across LPAs) and traffic warden powers to issue parking tickets and have vehicles removed If causing an obstruction etc which can all be done without the need of a PC which keeps us free to take on jobs that require a Constable. Along with that, TVP Pcso's also investigate low level crimes up until the point of needing statements and arrests which means that those jobs with no lines of enquiry once initial investigation has been completed, will be dealt with without the need to remove a constable from other jobs requiring a full set of Police powers. The main job of the PCSO is to build community relations through communication, engagement, attending/organising events, high visibility patrols, intelligence gathering and assisting in detecting and deterring crime through doing this. I can only speak for TVP and Met PCSOs but as I have been on both sides, I can honestly say that PCSOs have such an important role in the wider picture of Policing and should be respected (should they earn it that is).
  6. Case file help

    Cheers. It's quite reassuring. As I said, I have never been any good at paperwork...I have to repeat repeat repeat to get it second nature. I am just impatient to get to the point where I can do it without really thinking about every time haha.
  7. Case file help

    Hi everyone, Fairly new out of the box as a PC with only 3 months out of training(was a PCSO for a year previously). I have always been more of a practical person so find some of the paperwork (particularly for case papers) tough to get to grips with And is taking me a little longer than I would like to get decent at. Anyone got any tips that might help me speed up my learning process for it so I can focus on developing my skills as an Officer rather than spending most of my time trying to figure out all the paperwork?
  8. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Hi everyone, Looking for a few ideas on this one. I am a PC with the Met and have been for the last 6 months or so...In fact I passed out at Hendon on Friday :). Just looking for advice or tips that any of you that have been in the job a while...particularly those on Neighbourhood teams on how you kept a half decent diet and kept well watered when on foot patrol all day every day. Unfortunately for me, my area is a fair walk away from the nick and being that I haven't done my cycling or basic driving yet, it's difficult to get back to the nick to eat anything I have brought in...that and I would rather be out on the streets pretty much all shift than spend a couple of hours getting to and from the nick to eat. So any tips on keeping a healthyish diet and good intake of water to prevent dehydration whilst on 10 hours of foot patrol? Thanks in advance!
  9. 1st pay cheque

    You get a full month but when you get the extra minused off I believe.
  10. Police animosity towards PCSOs

    Very well said. I think your point about maybe being more PCS on patrol would be countered by your previous statement that you barely leave the nick due to paperwork some days. ..would be the same for all PCs as unfortunate as it is. I don't think anyone can change my opinion on PCSOs. I will always think they are worthwhile if used correctly and i think alot of the animosity comes from the fact that most officers have never been one before so don't understand the role. Shame really.
  11. I agree 100% with everything in that post. I am a new probationer myself with the Met having my 2nd shift tomorrow and coming from a PCSO background for the last year. I for one cannot stand those that are lazy and not willing to do any work. Even when I was a PCSO I would look at some officers just sitting around the nick on their phones and not going out unless they could have a vehicle. It frustrated me that I couldn't attend these calls as my remit as a PCSO didn't allow it. Now being a PC, I cannot wait to be pro active again and get involved in everything I can. I love learning and don't mind my tutor PC telling me how to do things even if i already know how to do it and funnily enough...I also like to be told I'm doing things wrong. Helps the development. It's all part of being a police officer in my opinion. Absolutely love the job.
  12. Police animosity towards PCSOs

    I didn't mean the forces intel...I was speaking more about my policing areas intel. I understand the point about PCs being on the street rather than PCSOs. I feel Officers do spend most of our time on paperwork where perhaps a Pcso could perhaps be better put to use and a smaller amount of street time. I do know that alot of the community I have patrolled as a pcso would rather speak to and open up to their pcso's rather than Officers. My point I suppose is that alot of Officers go the wrong way about their opinion on the PCSO. There is no need to openly put down a member of staff purely for doing their job. When I was a PCSO, it never bothered me when members of the public called me plastic and fake etc etc but it hurt my professional morale when my colleagues would actively put me down due to something out of my control when I did my utmost to assist...even if i knew it was a job they just couldn't be bothered to do because that was my support them. Its such a shame. I agree that there should be more warranted officers on the street than Support staff as it would benefit more.
  13. Police animosity towards PCSOs

    Precisely. That's what they are for. Annoyingly...I sit here now and they are saying I did nothing as a PCSO because I was a PCSO and stayed in the station all day. Such a generalisation it's frustrating. Their job is frustrating enough as it is without colleagues putting them down.
  14. Police animosity towards PCSOs

    Completely fair points. I agree that policing itself should be done by warranted officers and that budget is spent on more pcsos than pcs which is a shame because as you say, a PC can do the pcso job however their powers are better used elsewhere. It's just such a shame that we cant appreciate the role for what it is. Especially because I feel it is such a valuable role to the service. Definitely in my old nick...75% of Intel came from our PCSOs and alot of our search warrants and arrests came from information provided by them. As for double crewing all the time...I personally disliked it. Perhaps on planned operations and the odd occasion during dark hours (due to lack of ppe). I was far happier (and as it should be) on single crewed foot or cycle patrol because I could complete my tasks for the shift and get all my paper work and computer reports updated how and as I saw fit. I agree that some pcsos as with pcs are terrible and treat it like a Mickey mouse puts a dampener on the whole service. I suppose I feel pcso's should be respected in their own right for the role they do and I'm so glad I did it. I learnt so much about the job and myself whilst doing it. I have the utmost respect for pcsos. It's a difficult job in that they are in the grey area of policing due t restrictions of the role and take the flack from the public AND colleagues juSt for having that job role. It's such a shame.
  15. Police animosity towards PCSOs

    I would just like to get people's views on the animosity directed towards PCSOs from their PC and SC colleagues. I am currently a student PC with The Met nearly finished my classroom training. I was a PCSO with another force for a year prior to this. I have noticed that alot of the flack PCSOs get are from the colleagues they are supporting. I personally loved being a PCSO did my job to the best of my ability and thought the role was fantastic towards the goal of policing. I would not overstep my powers and supported my PC and SC colleagues as best I could by detecting crime by patrolling high crime areas, stopping and taking the details of people ready to hand over to the Officers dealing and dealing with all vehicle crime, criminal damage and anti social behaviour jobs as well as reassurance visits, crime prevention advice, community engagement events and scene watches (funnily enough...All the jobs my colleagues didn't want to do). Despite all this, I constantly hear PCSOs being slated as Wannabes and wastes of time because they have 'no powers'. I know someone who is an ex special who seems to take pleasure in putting PCSOs down and slating the job they do as 'not really policing and a waste of time' and blue shirt wannabes. I for one cannot wait to work alongside my PCSO colleagues but I feel it's only because I understand the role and think alot of the animosity comes from a lack of knowledge about what they actually are there for. It is a completely different role altogether and i think all PC and SC should get a decent input into the role of a PCSO so as to better understand. Alot of other PCs I know have even said to me 'I don't actually know what PCSOs do'. Such a sad fact as they have a vital and fantastic job.