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  1. Transferring To Surrey

    No they don't. That job lies with PCs. Their main job is literally the neighbourhood type stuff, closure orders, Intel gathering etc. But they do muck in when they can and powers permitting. I do feel I'm given the tools for the job which is nice. You can also get extra and replacement kit and uniform so much easier. In most cases, I just turn up at stores and they deal with it there and then. Something I found so slow and unhelpful in the Met. Though I appreciate they have a damn sight more people to kit out haha. I'm obviously slightly biased as I'm here and really enjoy it. It really is worth doing as much research as possible and testing the waters. You might like the tech. but dislike how the force works. Swings and roundabouts!
  2. Transferring To Surrey

    Absolutely everything is done on them. Forget about handwriting statements, CARBS and 124ds. Literally everything is done on them. You get a personal issue mini printer (like a receipt printer) to print off stop search forms, s136 forms, traffic tickets, VDRS etc. One touch of a button and it synchronises it with the main system and it's immediately available on the main computers. Photos are the need to try and find a non existent ICEFLO, you do it straight from your MDT. Best and most handy piece of kit by miles! It does occasionally play up but nothing too drastic. Its always getting improved. Business depends on which area you cover. Surrey Heath for example can go either way, Guildford is usually fairly busy but has moments. All depends really. We have workload days implemented so 1 shift every week we can use to book in statements, interviews, case files etc. Its not a standard practise across the board though. Most teams book stuff in and work around responding. That's not to say you can't do your enquiries outside of these days but responding always comes first. Depending on your area and their demand, the local PCSOs are really useful and fantastic! The ones on my area are brilliant and are always more than happy to take statements, seize exhibits, viewing CCTV and doing lots of stuff that we might not be able to do due to being on nights etc. One of ours reported 4 shopliftings from the same suspect and she did literally the entire investigation on all 4 for me. All i did was interview and do the case file. 4 charges for it too. They really are like gold because they are utilised alot more than they are in the MPS. That's not to say that Met PCSOs weren't great (mine was brilliant when I was the DWO).
  3. Transferring To Surrey

    We have to be sensible. It might be a small force area but so few officers. Into perspective, the Met have roughly 15 times more officers than we do. We can't afford to resource every single call. You'll have to get used to smaller teams too. I know in my old MPS borough, team usually ran around 25-30 officers but here we just can't do that. Unless you're in Guildford for example which runs with a higher staffing level. We don't have in car MDTs. Everything is on your personal issue MDT (Samsung S7 Edge). Its generally a case of get the info over the radio on grade 1s or read it on your MDT on your way to you car. Generally you won't be alone going to them even if you are single crewed and if the wheels fall off, neighbouring boroughs are usually drafted in to assist if they can spare units. When I was in the process, I popped in to Guildford nick and spoke with a skipper (who had transferred from Hampshire) and arranged for a ride along with his team so I could see the difference first hand. Might be worth seeing if that's doable for you too. It was good to just sit down with Surrey officers and get their true view of what it's like and see it for yourself.
  4. Transferring To Surrey

    Yea i heard that before i left. It wont work in the Met from my experience of response team still having to attend every call to put a report on. Surrey have been more unforgiving and just said 'We don't have enough resources to deploy to that job just to take a report' so they do alot of stuff over the phone if it doesn't require attendance for another reason which works for the most part. We are generally single crewed on earlies and lates (except when a bit flush then you might get 1 double crewed car) and then double crewed on nights. If there is an odd number (on my Rota at least), then the odd person becomes the van unit. But it's down to individual skippers as to the make up of the team. There isn't really an Area car equivalent. You just have your advanced drivers who can drive the higher powered cars but everyone tends to be equal.
  5. Transferring To Surrey

    Ah ok. You're in a good spot for Western then. Woking Borough work out if Woking, Surrey Heath out of Woking (soon to be Camberley). Guildford and Waverley work out of Guildford. You're also fairly good for Northern if that's your bag! As I say, it's all personal preference but I love Surrey..despite having little time to investigate as well as respond but it's good at forcing everyone to be omnicompetent which is the idea of the current model and I've learnt how to do so much I wouldn't have in the MPS such as DVPNs. Just expect to hand very little over to CID and SIU (CSU). APT (response) investigate most crime including domestics (standard risk only), burglaries, robberies and some sexual offences. Interview wise, I would just say read the Surrey Police website. It's what I did. Learn about the current priorities, the new model (Policing in your neighbourhood 'PIYN') and make sure you have knowledge of CSE, high risk offences and decision making. As with every Police interview, its examples based on the core competencies. Just write down a load of different answers and learn them. Make sure you know them inside out and you should be fine. The interview itself is fairly formal but not stuffed shirt...well mine wasn't anyway!
  6. Transferring To Surrey

    It will be personal choice with what people prefer but i personally love Surrey (and I've been in TVP as a PCSO, Met and Surrey as a PC). Response officers do carry Taser however only a few do on my borough but it's choice and course availability. Surrey are quite big on skilling people up so most courses are often available. As for loss of London Weighting, I'm actually financially better off in Surrey despite the 4.5k ish drop due to overtime. Plus we get a £110 fuel card A month. I used to drive about 45-50 mins each way on an average commute in the Met but as I now only travel about 25 mins each way (soon to be 10 mins when we move bases) I dont pay for fuel at all....especially good considering I was paying £220-£250 a month on fuel alone in Metland. Couple that with overtime and i actually technically earn more. So depends on where you live in comparison to where you work now...and where you will be working on how much you save. Surrey are quite good at posting you where you want to be though. Particularly as transferees tend go come to be closer to home. I have only dropped about £100 (give or take) difference on take home because of the fuel card and that's without OT added on. Overtime is in abundance here too. Although Eastern division (Reigate way) are stricter on theirs, you can usually do as much OT as you like across the force on response teams. Aid wise...we don't get it really unless you're PSU (level 2). I've done 1 since April and that was Wentworth Golf. Parking depends on where you work. On application, you get to choose a preference of division, not borough. So Western (Guildford, Waverley, Woking and Surrey Heath), Northern (Staines, Elmbridge, Runneymede, Spelthorne) and Eastern (Reigate+Banstead, Tandrige and others I don't remember haha). Most nicks you can park in on nights and usually weekends. Some have agreements with nearby places that you can park within a 10 minute walk so it's all good. I can only really speak for Western but I know a couple on Northern are also like this.
  7. Transferring To Surrey

    As i say, I transferred in April and got my driving course in August. It would usually be very quick but Surrey have been on a big recruitment drive so there is a backlog of people waiting for courses. As for constants etc, still done by PCs but to be fair, i have only done 1 since I came over and that was for my own prisoner for about 15 minutes until he could see the FME. They can be regular or few and far between but it's not all bad! Sometimes people come in on overtime purely to do constants...cant say it floats my boat! We only have 3 custody suites in the force (Guildford, Staines and Salfords) so if you work Western division, you will do them at Guildford but you will generally only take over constants from your own borough (Woking, Surrey Heath, Waverley, Guildford etc) so you will rarely be doing stuff from other boroughs or divisions. You also won t have to do SRO ever again....PCs don't work the front counters which was a nice change!
  8. Transferring To Surrey

    I transferred to Surrey from The Met in April. Best thing I did. I really enjoy it here. It's very different to the Met but i find people are so friendly, helpful and despite the model of APT (Response team) putting stress on staff to complete files, investigate workloads and respond to jobs, people are still friendly and helpful. I find it alot more efficient despite the lack of staff and you get the kit to do your job. The MDTs are fantastic (Samsung Galaxy s7s at the moment) and you do pretty much ALL your paperwork on them. If you're considering it, I would thoroughly recommend them as a force. I love it here and wish i could have done it sooner.
  9. Transferring To Surrey

    In the process of doing so. Passed the interview and all vetting etc so just waiting for my posting now. Start date should be 3rd April.
  10. Transferring To Surrey

    Hi everyone. Been ages since I posted here...about 2 years I think! Does anyone have anymore insight into the interview for transferring to Surrey? I have my interview in early October and would like to prepare appropriately. I have already spoken with a few friends already in Surrey but unfortunately none had transferred in. I have also met up with the local PC to ask questions, compare and find out more about surrey's policies, procedures and priorities. Any help appreciated!
  11. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Yea i think so. I don't think there is a definite answer. It's easy when you have a vehicle be a use you can chuck your food in your kit bag...however I'm very much a 'beat bobby' and prefer foot or cycle patrol....pocket snacks I think are the way forward.
  12. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Potentially...problem is getting there before they close...If they do...I'm thinking more the local library which is only just off my patch....but they aren't open 24/7...majority of my beat is estates and industrial area so unless I pop my stuff on the local residents fridges...a little tough haha
  13. Food and Water on the Beat.

    I remember that programme! Good times....I do find I eat a larger meal before I leave for work just in case...but i know that eating one meal a day isn't healthy...just trying to be good I suppose haha.
  14. Food and Water on the Beat.

    Don't get me wrong on this one....I'm not saying walking is my only means of getting to and from...just wondered as I have been caught short many a time on my way back to the nick to eat and got caught up in something so wondered if any old sweats might have had a trick or two of keeping the energy up when out and about.
  15. I was a PCSO with Thames Valley Police and am now a PC with the Met. I personally loved being a PCSO and do miss it. The role of a PCSO varies from force to force eg TVP PCSOs have numerous more powers designated to them that Met pcso's don't Such as power to search under 18s for alcohol and under 16s for tobacco, issuing of PND's for certain offences (though this varies across LPAs) and traffic warden powers to issue parking tickets and have vehicles removed If causing an obstruction etc which can all be done without the need of a PC which keeps us free to take on jobs that require a Constable. Along with that, TVP Pcso's also investigate low level crimes up until the point of needing statements and arrests which means that those jobs with no lines of enquiry once initial investigation has been completed, will be dealt with without the need to remove a constable from other jobs requiring a full set of Police powers. The main job of the PCSO is to build community relations through communication, engagement, attending/organising events, high visibility patrols, intelligence gathering and assisting in detecting and deterring crime through doing this. I can only speak for TVP and Met PCSOs but as I have been on both sides, I can honestly say that PCSOs have such an important role in the wider picture of Policing and should be respected (should they earn it that is).