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  1. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    Yes pretty much, not over controling but not quiet. I found the final interview more relaxed than the initial. I was told of you get to the final interview you have already shown that yoi have what ot takes and that they want you, there not going to try and catch you out, as long as you can refer to the compatances and be confident. I alao aaked my interviews questions about some aspects of the job.
  2. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    good stuff on G div Scott1877! unsure about the percentage, however just be confident and don't sit back in your group, remember if you don't get involved they cant access you which will probably end up in being unsuccessful so just get stuck in!
  3. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    I think with your circumstances you should be pretty safe mate, or i would hope so anyway! hope you get somewhere close to home :)!
  4. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    From the SPC you then go on to do 1 weeks local divisional Training. as for the annual leave question i am unsure, however i know for your time as a probationer the training and leave is pretty structured to ensure all the training is completed.
  5. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    Good to hear people are getting located places close to home. The Sgt did say that we were lucky as most of the A div and highland and islands where filled up by the large intake in June!
  6. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    I wrote about family commitments as well as that i have just left the Royal Navy and still in the process off sorting stuff out. Looking forward to it now! As for boots, i went for the Lowa Combat boots GT-X as they came highly recommended from guys from my last job.
  7. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    U Division is Ayrshire so can be posted anywhere in ayrshire. Im from Ardrossan
  8. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    Very happy! just found out I got U (Ayrshire) Division!
  9. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    Ive not heard anything yet, hopefully today!
  10. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    yes, the inspector left a voice mail saying that the postings were being allocated Thursday and Friday this week and that i should here by the end of the week.
  11. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    just waiting on the phoning going now, really want to find out where I'm going. uniform fitting is very strange! such a weird sight seeing yourself in uniform!
  12. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    Yes i put a couple of reasons down on the form, however i will just need to wait and see. Yes we will have 10 full weeks at Tulliallan, we will merge into the Aug intake on there 3rd week. or thats what we got told at the final fitness anyway.
  13. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    according to there website they don't work weekends. Would really like to find out what division im going to now, as im a little bit apprehensive that everything has gone so smooth and i will end up getting posted to somewhere up the black of beyond :/. i called recruitment today to ask if they knew anything as i was told that they will be allocating the vacancies on Thursday and Friday this week!
  14. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    A few of my mates had them when i was in the navy and one lad had his for 7 years on constant use! so i think they will be well worth the money if i get anywhere near that out of them. I ordered my pair from Amazon, i was not sure about the gore-tex at first but then i thought for the extra couple of £ it would be worth it as by the time we finish training the winter will be just around the corner and from past experience, cold and wet feet and very quickly ruin your day!
  15. Police Scotland Late July Intake

    I was told at the Final Fitness i should find out at least 1 week prior to starting training at Jackton.