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  1. Hi there, I understand the knife law of no lock knives and no fixed-blade of longer than 3 inches without an appropriate reason (cullinary etc). But what are laws on hatchets/axes? I haven't seen it online at all. Basically, I want to take a small axe/hatchet (similar to this or this) and a knife (similar to this or this) in my 90litre rucksack (of course, sheathed and hidden well within the pack out of easy-access), and only bring it out in woodland areas where I will be using it to chop wood for fires and shelter, then putting it straight back into my bag. Is there a law against this at all? I wouldn't use the axe/knife in public, and it would always be hidden well within my bag at all times until it's being used then straight back in. Also, what about saws? I know it would be pretty stupid to walk about with a huge saw in my hand, but I was looking into getting a wire saw (one with two rings for sawing wood). Is there a law against these at all? Regards, Mark.