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  1. Proposed shift changes

    That is rough like
  2. Apparently the chief cop has made it clear we are going to be 6 on 4 off in the near future. I hope the federation will fight this. I think alot of officers may look elsewhere, me included. Especially the guys who travel miles from their home to their station. Gutted.
  3. uniform issue during training

    U get quite alot of gear to be fair. Plenty of boot space needed for your trip home! They like trousers pressed with a crease and boots bulled, at least for the first few weeks
  4. uniform issue during training

    Wednesday or Thursday usually pal. You will be marching by the end of the week
  5. Application timescale

    I got mine on the Wednesday of week 1. Marching the day after in it to the classroom!
  6. Application timescale

    We ran to 10.5 in training at our inspectors request just to test ourselves. You didn't have to though as long as u hit 7.6.
  7. MOD Police Recruitment

    No not yet! I'm faslane. I'll have to have a look on spreadsheets. Or maybe ring up and ask?
  8. MOD Police Recruitment

    Yeah the training is good Pedro. Tough but it's what u expect. is it just our names on the rosters argonath? Or our shift patterns and sections as well?
  9. MOD Police Recruitment

    We have two classes of 17. The previous course passed out Friday just gone. We are halfway through. Another course is at week 5. The place is busy
  10. MDP Training

    Yeah exactly that. Our course is currently on the tactics stage. It's a real eye opener from being in the classroom.
  11. MDP Training

    Alright mate. 2 weeks classroom learning ethics. Mission statement. Communications etc. Then a week of first aid. A week of PST. Another 3 weeks in class Covering a range of subjects. Then 6 weeks firearms course. Before 3 more weeks in class until u pass out. 4 exams to pass. Plenty of assessments and scenarios. U have to march as a squad daily, boots polished etc. lots of self study and reading is required on a night. Thursday night in the bar is pretty good. Gym is decent. Food is repetitive but free.
  12. Medical

    As long as u pass the bleep test I'm sure u will be fine
  13. January 5th MOD Start

    Nobody even mentioned you were here!
  14. January 5th MOD Start

    I reckon we will be all together. Maybe a trainor or Sgt might sit in. But it would be good to know the crack rather then people pussy footin around tellin us wat we want to hear. If u no wat I mean.