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  1. Forces and military discussion topic

    Reminiscing about the old days is great but it's nothing to do with the topic in this thread -do it on another thread please
  2. Exactly. My point is that if this was definitely happening, surely the DPF (if not other institutions) would have made some form of announcement?
  3. Here's the link again: [click on NEWS]
  4. Sorry -link to DPF news page above didn't work. Here it is: (with no mention of CNC)
  5. What does 'SMT' stand for? Chief Constable of the MDP or CNC? If this is now confirmed, how come there is nothing at all in the public domain/media about it (or even in the DPF's news )?
  6. What makes you say it's confirmed (and where did you get this timescale from)?
  7. "Police Now" scheme for graduates
  8. "Police Now" scheme for graduates It's closed at present I'd be interested to hear from anyone who tried for it, got on it (or even works with PCs who have come from the program). It's a fresh, new and dynamic idea, in my opinion. [feel free to post a link to any other threads that already cover this scheme, if there are any]
  9. Yes, I posted a link to the main topic in each of the 3 forces rumoured to be involved (in case officers in 1 force had heard about it)
  10. here's the main thread on this topic...
  11. here's the main thread on this topic...
  12. I heard from 2 different sources that this is in the offing. Has anyone else heard anything about it? Feel free to add hyperlinks to any existing forum threads that already discuss this, if they are out there...
  13. [weblink to thread below] MOD Police: what's trng course & AWE like?
  14. Is working part-time an option?

    Thanks. I've just spotted this in the MDP's FAQ doc: 22. Can I work flexible hours? MDP officers can be considered for alternative working arrangements, such as part-time working, where this can be accommodated by the Force, but only after successful completion of the two year probationary period.
  15. Is working part-time an option?

    Anyone know what the police policy on this is (or know any Police Officers that do it)?