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  1. Hi my ex partner is threatening me that if i see my children when he has them he will move them away / not allow contact / not allow communication via phone calls / call the police. This is all documented in text messages. Is this blackmail. This last situation occurred on a day when they were starting their first day at school for the year and he had contact on that day. Is this a form of blackmail? I live in Scotland. This has been an ongoing situation and the boys have been used in this manner on at least a monthly basis. He has hit me in the past and police were called on a number of occasions. A few weeks ago, we also had an argument where i got frustrated and upset and he phoned the police a day later saying I had hit him on the back of the head as he got back into his car. This did not occur and I have a witness to confirm this, however, he is also pursuing this with the courts and I even face a criminal charge now for something that did not occur. He is making my life a living hell on a weekly basis and I am scared of daring to do anything due to his behaviour and emotional blackmail using my children. Please could you advise if this is something I can report him / go to the police about and consider charging him with. I really can not cope with any more of it. Kindest