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  2. Joining the civil and nuclear constabulary

    Yes, the CNC also used the generic police SEARCH assessment
  3. South East Allowance

    Thanks guys. I might try the sister forum.
  4. South East Allowance

  5. South East Allowance

    Hi guys, I've just been looking at some of the recommendations regarding the Police Remuneration Review Body's second report, which state that the south east living allowance for the following forces should be increased up to £3000 per year: Hertfordshire TVP Essex Kent and Surrey. Apparently this should have been done by the 1st September, so I just wanted to know if anyone from these forces have had the increase. Here is the link for reference:
  6. Ahhh ok, it does make sense to be honest. I wasn't all that sure why HE was mentioned when they were taking about a merger considering you're not attested.
  7. Have you been told anymore about the wider merger, as in MDP,CNC,BTP ect? Or just that HE won't be part of it? We're all still waiting in our force!
  8. What Is Your Dream Car?

    Probably a Tesla Model S (P100D of course)
  9. Failed assessment centre

    I'm afraid you're wrong. Whilst the MDP is indeed non home office it uses search, and as a result you cannot apply until 6 months have passed. I just got this from their website as I know a couple of people have now said the same thing as you, that people can apply as its non HDPF
  10. Three year sentence for attack on female officer

    I think we need to start getting some tougher laws regarding assault police. Especially considering the HO wanted a person to get life for killing an officer surely assault should be heavier than 3 years?
  11. Vetting

    What kind of vetting did you have MB89? SC level or DV?