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  1. Transferring To Surrey

    I suppose it’s a good system because people know you’re not entirely new and have a vague idea of policing. The only thing is you’ll be forever known as a transferee for your whole service!
  2. Transferring To Surrey

    Ahh that’s makes sense. I thought it may be something to do with that. At least I won’t appear brand new then! Do you know if there is officer parking within Staines? Cheers
  3. Transferring To Surrey

    Why do some officers have only four digits on their collar numbers but the majority seem to have five? Is there a specific reason or is it just pot luck?
  4. Transferring To Surrey

    I'll be starting with Surrey on April 16th, working from Staines... Thanks for all the information on the forum, all helped my decision to move!
  5. Driving, during initial training

    Differs from force to force...In the Met there's nothing in initial training. When you get on Borough you can request to do you basic driving, do the test and pass then you can drive marked vehicles. Basic does not allow you to drive in response mode (Without blues/twos). The standard response course in the Met will take you years to attain. I understand response courses are more forthcoming in other forces though...
  6. Transferring To Surrey

    That’s reassuring to hear, I did wonder how long more units would take!
  7. Transferring To Surrey

    Sounds promising the double crewing trial. I suppose now they’re getting in more new officers and transferees numbers will go up which will make it more viable...
  8. Transferring To Surrey

    I agree, also just getting used to driving everyday. At least in the Met that can be shared out!
  9. Transferring To Surrey

    Even 9 months is excellent....the current Met situation is waiting for years. How long did you have to wait?
  10. Transferring To Surrey

    Good grief it’ll be like being brand new again. I suppose it can only be a good thing learning how to deal with all manner of jobs. Though it’ll be strange being single crewed all the time although it will be good to get the driving course pretty quick so you can actually get to calls!
  11. Transferring To Surrey

    I didn’t realise it would be only 5 days! Really thrown into the deep end on division...
  12. Transferring To Surrey

    And...another question What is the process when you first move over, I assume there’s some sort of course? Do you get a ‘mentor’ out and about on division for the first week or so? Is uniform issue on your first day or do you have to attend a fitting at some point prior to start date? Thanks!
  13. Transferring To Surrey

    Sounds good, can you generally get the shifts you want to work on the APT list or is it a bit hit and miss? On another note, if you're Level 2 in the Met is this something that is transferrable to Surrey?
  14. Transferring To Surrey

    How does overtime work in Surrey? Can you just go as and when you like or do they request volunteers for certain shifts? It's quite important to know how often I'll be able to get overtime due to the drop in earning from London weighting :-)
  15. Transferring To Surrey

    On the vacancy advert, it mentions free or discounted bus/rail travel... Do you know to what extent the rail travel is discounted? Thanks "We offer a wide range of benefits including a healthcare programme and gym classes, career average pension scheme and flexible working, a host of discounts with local and national organisations, and leisure benefits such as free or discounted bus and rail travel."