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  1. Didn't really answer my question, I asked what the course was not 'sing it's praises'! :-)
  2. What is this course?
  3. Thanks for the reply. I like the sound of the role, I'm L2 and FAAW so I've got a taste of what it's like. I'm just worried about the fitness aspect of it...did you have to do much training for the course beforehand?
  4. What are people thoughts on the protest today at London City Airport? I viewed the video promoting the idea that pollution has now started to victimise BME people, having policed London for a number of years I have heard many good points put across but this just seems to be drivel put across to stir up racial tensions...thoughts?
  5. Which useless force did this?! I believe the type of vest you're describing in made by Hawk, are there two zip pockets and two Velcro pockets?
  6. If you failed vetting the first time round why do you think it'll be different the second time round?
  7. I almost 100% there won't be as any medical conditions that would effect your service would no doubt be discovered during your probation!
  8. Don't know about WYP but it's not tested in the Met. The only time I can think of another eye test is for driving courses...
  9. To both I'd say the sensible answer is no as neither of these have been something that would cause any concern with regards to your suitability for the role. However it may be worth declaring both incidents to be on the safe side and be entirely transparent. If they don't need to know about it then there's no harm done! However if they do need it declaring and it hasn't been then that's when they'll be an issue!
  10. I didn't move anywhere, I found my niche in Response policing. I just really enjoy the day to day policing side of things. At the moment I'm more than happy being where I am...I know it's odd to want to stay in that role but I like it :-)
  11. In the Met it's possible to be in the CID within your probationary period. Like Gripper has said before I joined the job I was very keen on joining the CID however during my probation I carried out an attachment with them and defiantly would never go back! I enjoyed it but the high work loads etc just make it a very unattractive choice...
  12. Don't like them at all! I seem to recall other forces introducing these and then being withdrawn soon after....
  13. Or was it simply that we didn't hear of things happening as much as we do now?
  14. Yes of course! Lying to your potential future employer is always a good idea!
  15. I'm not sure what you expect the police to do, if you have reported the crime to the police it will be looked at and if there is sufficient evidence against your neighbour I'm sure action will be taken but I doubt very much that they will be arrested. Also I'm not sure what good writing to the commissioner will do?!