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  1. Transferring To Surrey

    It really sounds like Surrey gives officers the tools to do the job effectively! From courses to technology two of my biggest reasons for wanting to leave the Met. I like the sounds of the printer linking to the MDT, no longer writing a traffic ticket and having to find the time to complete it at the end of the shift. Do PCSO's get used for scenes? It's really good to hear that support PC's in investigations...
  2. Transferring To Surrey

    Wow! Samsung S7 personal issues, do you do crime reports etc on them? How busy is it generally? Is it call to call or do you have time for investigating reports etc?
  3. Transferring To Surrey

    I've heard Surrey has a sensible approach to reporting and which calls they go to. As you know in the Met we just go to absolutely everything, sometimes pointlessly! Don't know how I would get on with single crewing but I'm sure I'd get used to it! Must be a bit of a pain on an I grade trying to read the MDT and drive
  4. Transferring To Surrey

    The Met is currently going to the model where response team keep everything and it has so far been a disaster but as you know there is literally no time to investigate. Another question...are you single crewed all the time? Also, does Surrey have an equivalent to an Area car for response policing?
  5. Transferring To Surrey

    I'm pretty certain I will apply, most of my concerns have been answered and it certainly sounds a good force! Especially as the Met is rapidly going downhill... I will most likely pick West as I live on the outskirts of Woking and the overtime on tap sounds brilliant Any tips on the interview/selection process post-application form? Thanks
  6. Transferring To Surrey

    Thanks for your response, pretty sure I'm going to apply sounds far better! I think I could cope waiting for four months for a course, if I stay in the Met it would be at least another couple of years. Do officers in response carry Taser? Is there regular overtime in Surrey? If so is it generally just aid stuff or manning up teams. I'll need to do some to make up for the loss of London weighting :-) What is the personal parking situation like? Particularly at Guildford as that would be my first choice... Cheers :-)
  7. Transferring To Surrey

    Sounds good. Whats the situation with driving courses? Are they given out quite quickly? in terms of constant watches, hospital guards and scene how do they work in Surrey. As you know in the Met PC’s do them and will go on forever...how do this compare? Thanks!
  8. Transferring To Surrey

    Any insight for people wanting to transfer in from the Met?
  9. Transfer to Surrey Police?

    Hello all, I am looking to transfer to Surrey Police and have a number of questions. If anyone can answer some or all of them it would be a great help! If anyone has recently transferred any general comments or advice surrounding the process would be appreciated. Thanks... Is overtime easy to come by? Is this usually staying on to help the next shift or can extra days be requested etc... How soon after starting would a response driving course be given? Are these easy to get or is there a long waiting list? Do police stations have parking for personal cars? What is the shift pattern like, is it the usual 6 on 4 off? Thanks for any replies, as above any general advice/comments would be helpful :-)
  10. Day in the life of a PC

    It really depends on wether you posted to Safer Neighbours or Response team. If on SNT you'll spend most time on foot. On team you'll pretty never be on foot. Being on a desk again depends what team you're assigned to. But it'd be rare to find yourself behind a desk very often. As a probationer you'd be sent to SNT or team but you may have attachments to other units CID, CSU etc during your two years...
  11. Posting Preference New Recruits

    They will try and give you one of your posting preferences however it's not always possible based on vacancies. You're training centre will usually be near to the area you're posted but again it may vary!
  12. New high vis jackets

    We were told they are worn only at RTC's and on Aid like now?
  13. 'Experienced Officer' - PC to Sgt success

    I read somewhere that the new ATOC will be for a reduced distance as the Met say that new recruits come from London so will have no need to travel so far out!
  14. It does take an extremely long time for them to get back to you. I seem to remember it being well over 3 months for me.
  15. Crime scene boredom

    Hello all, I'm curious what other people do to keep themselves from going mad with boredom while posted on a crime scene? Its not so much of an issue if one is posted with other officers but if posted on ones own it's one long round of boredom punctuated with the occasional deep joy of a cup of tea made by a grateful resident! Thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!