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  1. Boots

    Oh dear i could have given you shoes that have only been worn a handful of times. You could have bought boots at jackton for 40 quid that would last years.
  2. Wages

    It doesn't affect increments.
  3. SETS 25th September

    But they won't so good luck.
  4. SETS 25th September

    Maybe they could give you a start and finish mileage and if you can work out the difference - your in!
  5. SETS 25th September

    To show that you have a certain level of intelligence and the ability to achieve a basic standard. Simples really.
  6. B Division

    Jackton doesn't get a say in the matter. If you are lawfully cited to attend court then you MUST attend. You can ask the court for a stand by or excusal but that would be unlikely at this late stage. It's a daily occurrence dozens of times over and something you will repeat time and time again.
  7. B Division

    You go to court. It's as simple as that. Let Jackton know at the earliest opportunity.
  8. August 22nd Starters

    Is it a part time course these days when you start mid week?
  9. Strathclyde Police Baton - Harness

    Well refuse to do it then if they won't give you the kit. Fair enough buying a decent torch or the likes but 60 quid of your own dosh for a harness. You must be off your rocker and for what thanks???
  10. Strathclyde Police Baton - Harness

    60 quid. Jeezuz Christ. No, just no.
  11. August 22nd Starters

    Hope you have creases in the arms of your wooly jumpers. Smart lol
  12. August 22nd Starters

    It is but there are far better jobs. However came this far so guess I'll stay lol.
  13. August 22nd Starters

    Not sure i would go that far!
  14. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    Is it not a bit dodgy working whilst going through the process. One complaint and its game over for months!
  15. Strathclyde Police chat thread

    No, don't pester them. They know what they are doing and will contact you if they have any issues. The last thing they need is everyone phoning to check they know what they are doing in order to eliminate every scenario which you think of.