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  1. Cringe alarm on overdrive. Would you have told her if you were a bin man? Another fine example of what not to do for those who need guidance.
  2. True but the 3 other forces are very specific in their role possibly with the exception of BTP and there are so few of them anyway. They don't really come into the equation.
  3. I'm not sure what will happen in Scotland but it has to be said that the number of tiny county forces in England is excessive. Each little force with a Chief Constable drawing a massive wage and all the back office staff multiplied 50 odd times. There is absolutely no point for such a set up in this day and age. Irrespective of that even if massive savings were made reducing forces I still wouldn't trust the current government not to shaft you at every opportunity.
  4. The Scottish Police College does not even include skid control training anymore. Modern cars are fitted with ESP or a multitude of names depending on what the manufacturer wants to call it. The advice is to steer where you want to go and let the car do the work as it makes millions of decisions a second and reacts before you even have time to think about what is happening. If you try and react you may effectively counteract the cars unique actions and crash. ESP won't prevent crashes but it will help you regain control.
  5. If you live in Scotland then you can rest assured that every last one will be dragged from the property and taken to the local jail. What a disgusting system where squatters can legally be allowed to move into your house because they want a house. Not here they won't.
  6. OK thanks for the reply. Getting near to the top of the pay scale and wouldnt want to offset it by a year. I can live with the inflationary freeze as bad as that is.
  7. I wonder if this will affect only the inflationary pay rise or the yearly pay scale increment. Hopefully not the latter.
  8. Bear in mind everything done from a police point of view is recorded on camera - sound and vision and everything is documented on computer. You are very unlikely to find anything wrong but if you want to spend your time standing chatting to junkies on your days off then good luck to you!
  9. No, I dont have to tolerate more than a MoP. Cant speak for English law but in Scotland I am held to have the same rights as any other person. I have never seen any common law which states this!!
  10. These nights out always create a few vacancies in the police when drink and people who dont know each other mix and then swiftly depart the job after getting into trouble. Safer to stay at home!
  11. Of course your technically a police officer but in reality James is right when he says a person wearing a uniform with no police experience. That is why tutors are there to hold your hand and guide you. Take the tutor away and what do you have. Pretty much someone wearing a uniform and a few definitions in their head. It would then be crash and burn.
  12. Im sure he is a very good officer. That aside, his uniform is absolutely horrendous looking!
  13. HaHa says it all. The polis want compensation as well - 60 quid!
  14. Clamping was held by the High Court in Scotland to be nothing more than extortion. If the clamper wants to pursue you for money then he can use the legal system like any other person. Therefore over night clamping became illegal and anyone who tries it gets the jail.
  15. Dont know, dont care! It is the accused who receives the punishment and the family suffer as a consequence of his actions and his actions alone. They can maybe reflect on the fact that their father has been convicted of a sexual assault. Im quite sure if the boyfriend hadnt turned up he would just suddenly have stopped and apologised.