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  1. look at the face structure, eyebrows, lips, hair (if any) etc and see if they match with the person in front of you, odd question
  2. its only funny if you're not in their shoes. hilarious.
  3. try meditating 10mins every morning and night.
  4. yeah, pm me ur number and ill ask the admin to add you in
  5. overall percentage
  6. 1- pretty accurate 2- yes.
  7. alot of march guys in our groupchat got their rlc lol, I got ealing not sure what it's like tbh
  8. ring them up and tell them, and make sure it is recorded so they know you did declare it. as long as you declare it, you needn't worry.
  9. me too, i just received an email 5 mins ago telling me they gave me the wrong date (originally 28th but rectified for the 29th) Have your references been contacted?
  10. Gulp Are the exams multiple choice? hi Otee, could you please tell me the blackstones book that the teacher told the class to get as I would like to purchase before the course starts and brush up. many thanks.
  11. Got a start date for March but it would be one year since I have completed my CKP and honestly I don't remember much, I have my notes to look through over the few months before starting but I'd also be interested in getting the very popular Blackstones book that I always hear about from probationers. I looked in Amazon and found quite a few, just wondering what is the title for the Blackstones book that will be used in training. Many thanks.
  12. Great info Otee, really an eye opener and not to let myself be complacent when I start. Cheers.
  13. very happy for u mate, well deserved!