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  1. Allowances at different sites

    Pompey is one of the cheaper areas. Rent is just cheaper than Reading etc.
  2. Armed Infrastructure Police

    Can someone let us know which 2 stations are being threatened with closure in the south the DPF have mentioned it?
  3. Armed Infrastructure Police

    Sorry but there is no way this will ever get through parliament. Yes other European countries have national forces but you only have to look at the disaster that was Police Scotland to see this probably won't happen.
  4. Positivity 😁

    Another new requirement added to the list too - that being postings at Derby plant.
  5. Proposed shift changes

    Every new recruit should be prepared to do at least 3 years at AWE or Scotland. If you can't handle that, don't bother applying !
  6. Proposed shift changes

    The attrition rate is very high. Can't remember the exact figure. People leaving outstrip new recruits, it's a pretty dire position to be in.
  7. Armed Infrastructure Police

    There are 2 options being looked at; 1. National Infra Police - combining all firearms forces 2. Armed Infra Police & Transport Infra Police Merging MDP/CNC is the easiest option , bear that in mind.
  8. Wethersfield

    MDP HQ moving to Bassingbourne Barracks ? As per defence sec announcement today (7/11/16) .
  9. Armed Infrastructure Police

    A CNC and MDP merger would give officers greater scope and employment prospects. Pretty similar in role but I suspect this time round like MDPREC has said- doing nothing is not an option and the PM will be keen to act on this given her previous role. Will be done in stages no doubt with non HDPF forces merging first.
  10. Awe Shifts And Overtime

    To the people that have left why did U even apply? I've been hearing the same old stuff for over 10 years about being posted away from home and being unhappy etc . Which bit of the recruitment process did you not understand ? My advice to anyone is DO NOT join MDP unless you are from an area where They have major sites. If you are from Portsmouth , Berkshire or Scotland then go for it. Otherwise forget it.
  11. Current Climate

    You would have thought CSG may have turned up at Marham. This is exactly the sort of role MDP should be doing not HO
  12. Current Climate

    Portsmouth requires a big uplift in numbers. the trouble with MDP is that it's losing officers faster than they can recruit. Plus the the powers that be have taken on new sites recently. All adds to the pressure - I note also CC seems to suggest there is a half way house with regard the infrastructure review. So forget about being part of any wider NIP for the time being.
  13. Current Climate

    Not quite sure what you mean ?
  14. About time force numbers were restored to at least 2009 levels. Maybe the politicians will realise now what with Woolwich and Marham there needs to be a stronger MDP presence everywhere. And a return to coverage of MQEs would also be a good thing IMO
  15. 12th September Course

    Porton Down must be a good one !