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  1. Tactical Support Group

    Ah the good old AWE rumours. I do miss the daily rumour mill turning 😂
  2. Tactical Support Group

    I do still speak to some officers I joined with and worked with and they have said it is improving somewhat given the forces new(ish) initial training package and initial selection process. New recruits land on station with their shiny kit knowing full well what their role entails - especially those at AWE where the problem mainly was. Long term that number of joiners v leavers should steadily improve. Recruits are far more aware of what role the MDP currently has and what role it potentially has in the future too. Nevertheless it’s always going to be the case where recruits join and realize it’s not for them and seek to leave - whether that be another force or not. It happens in every occupation. I do think the issue of joining to leave has been addressed and to be fair a lot of time and effort has gone into tackling it, and I think people such as MDPREC have played a big part in it. Huge numbers are still applying and joining the MDP even with more home office forces opening up recruitment, you only have to look at the Facebook page for proof. That indicates to me that the MDP are doing something right.
  3. Application timescale

    True..didn’t make that very clear did I? My apologies!
  4. Application timescale

    A fixed penalty for speeding is absolutely irrelevant. Especially if it’s a family member.
  5. Tactical Support Group

    From experience if you’re already thinking of going to a HO force, don’t bother joining the MDP - apologies if it sounds brutal. A lot of people joined to go to HO office, me included and collectively probably helped to drag morale down at our stations in a time when morale was already low. I’m reliably informed it has improved significantly in recent times much due to the MDP specific training course now being ran at HQ and people are now actually aware of what the MDP is and does. Each force is different, as is each recruiter. Some will take you, some will force you to start from fresh and some will not entertain recruiting an already serving police officer with the MDP whatsoever. If you’re going to join the MDP make sure you know what it is and don’t join with the aspiration to leave. It does the force no good, is detrimental to your colleagues and more importantly destroys you when you’re facing an uphill battle to get out.
  6. Tactical Support Group

    Yes it was to a home office. I joined the MDP when they were still running the College of Policing course before it went to MDP specific hence being able to move.
  7. Tactical Support Group

    Based at AWE and there is lots of demand. Having completed the course prior to leaving the MDP for another force, I can tell you it is very tough both mentally and physically. You won’t be able to find out much more on a public Internet forum. If I were you I’d first and foremost concentrate on passing the initial course at Wethersfield before even thinking of anything else.
  8. Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    They don't have to be bulled for your first day but you'll be encouraged to keep working on them. Bulling properly takes time to do, keep at it. If I were you I'd have a second pair of boots for training and a set for parade.
  9. Witness Statements

    I'm in Cheshire and the only pro forma statement I am willing to use is the CCTV collection one. I can understand using a pro forma statement for a burglary if it's going nowhere - go through the motions kind of thing but why would you bother taking a pro forma if say you have a named suspect? You need as much detail as you can possibly get from the victim and a pro forma just doesn't cut the mustard. Forgive me but to me that seems like lazy policing and not even trying to get a positive outcome.
  10. I'd like to see the alternative solution. Perhaps we should just ask nicely for them not to spit? Do gooders with absolutely no experience of a violent person trying to further lessen our powers/tactical options. It's absolutely ludicrous.
  11. Too Keen?

    And to add to my above post I'd personally be proud of the work you're doing and take the remark as a compliment
  12. Too Keen?

    Yes they can but not in the way you're describing it. Other officers workload on my block has gotten out of control and why? Because they're spending too much time responding to emergency calls and neglecting their workload. The thrill of going on a blue light run to get you out of what is sometimes long and boring work seems a god send sometimes but the other side of the coin means workloads build up to be uncontrollable. I work a few hours a shift on my workload and that's sometimes all it needs. That way then I'm able to respond to jobs and do a full proper job with it instead of a half hearted attempt because I'm juggling too many jobs. Dont get me wrong, sometimes if I am working on my workload I will have to break off to respond, it happens, but by properly managing it and not being over keen to respond to everything you won't be juggling 15 jobs in one go. I wish you good luck in the application process!
  13. Recommended kit

    You should get supplied a belt and a torch. Bag wise I just use the kit bag I was given. There's absolutely no need to spend £50-£60 on a bag. You can buy a cheap watch. No harm in it. I haven't personally, I've never felt the need for one to be totally honest. Boots definitely buy. I have magnums which are good but there are other good boots out there too. Earlier you buy them the better you can start polishing them up 😃 At this time you don't need to buy anything except boots. You'll be wasting money buying any kit you may not even need. Wait until you're there and have received your kit before considering buying anything.
  14. Direct Entry 2018

    Haven't knowingly met any direct entry Inspectors or Supers yet so I couldn't comment in that regard, however I'll share the generic feeling amongst us PC's; A lot of people who join as a PC wants promotion. Wants to go through the ranks and things like this are a kick in the teeth to those that work their backsides off and are superb at their job but get knocked back for a direct entry. Honestly, my personal opinion is to join as a PC and work through the ranks. You'd be far more respected if you'd had to start at the bottom, deal with what we deal with. You'd understand the job, know the job, and it would be reflected in decision making. I disagree entirely with the whole direct entry. I think it's an absolute farce and a kick in the teeth to us PC's who want promotion and have worked hard for it. I don't mean that as anything against you, nor do I wish to offend or put anyone off. Rather I'd rather put my own personal and others opinion on the direct entry out there.
  15. Allowances at different sites

    You'll do very well to rent a room for under £450 a month in the surrounding area of AWE. You get the £2k living allowance but in the grand scheme of things it doesn't make too much difference. My tip would be to start looking as soon as you get a station. Start putting money aside for it and when you start training find out who else is going to the same place and look at house shares.