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  1. Witness Statements

    I'm in Cheshire and the only pro forma statement I am willing to use is the CCTV collection one. I can understand using a pro forma statement for a burglary if it's going nowhere - go through the motions kind of thing but why would you bother taking a pro forma if say you have a named suspect? You need as much detail as you can possibly get from the victim and a pro forma just doesn't cut the mustard. Forgive me but to me that seems like lazy policing and not even trying to get a positive outcome.
  2. I'd like to see the alternative solution. Perhaps we should just ask nicely for them not to spit? Do gooders with absolutely no experience of a violent person trying to further lessen our powers/tactical options. It's absolutely ludicrous.
  3. Too Keen?

    And to add to my above post I'd personally be proud of the work you're doing and take the remark as a compliment
  4. Too Keen?

    Yes they can but not in the way you're describing it. Other officers workload on my block has gotten out of control and why? Because they're spending too much time responding to emergency calls and neglecting their workload. The thrill of going on a blue light run to get you out of what is sometimes long and boring work seems a god send sometimes but the other side of the coin means workloads build up to be uncontrollable. I work a few hours a shift on my workload and that's sometimes all it needs. That way then I'm able to respond to jobs and do a full proper job with it instead of a half hearted attempt because I'm juggling too many jobs. Dont get me wrong, sometimes if I am working on my workload I will have to break off to respond, it happens, but by properly managing it and not being over keen to respond to everything you won't be juggling 15 jobs in one go. I wish you good luck in the application process!
  5. Recommended kit

    You should get supplied a belt and a torch. Bag wise I just use the kit bag I was given. There's absolutely no need to spend £50-£60 on a bag. You can buy a cheap watch. No harm in it. I haven't personally, I've never felt the need for one to be totally honest. Boots definitely buy. I have magnums which are good but there are other good boots out there too. Earlier you buy them the better you can start polishing them up 😃 At this time you don't need to buy anything except boots. You'll be wasting money buying any kit you may not even need. Wait until you're there and have received your kit before considering buying anything.
  6. Direct Entry 2018

    Haven't knowingly met any direct entry Inspectors or Supers yet so I couldn't comment in that regard, however I'll share the generic feeling amongst us PC's; A lot of people who join as a PC wants promotion. Wants to go through the ranks and things like this are a kick in the teeth to those that work their backsides off and are superb at their job but get knocked back for a direct entry. Honestly, my personal opinion is to join as a PC and work through the ranks. You'd be far more respected if you'd had to start at the bottom, deal with what we deal with. You'd understand the job, know the job, and it would be reflected in decision making. I disagree entirely with the whole direct entry. I think it's an absolute farce and a kick in the teeth to us PC's who want promotion and have worked hard for it. I don't mean that as anything against you, nor do I wish to offend or put anyone off. Rather I'd rather put my own personal and others opinion on the direct entry out there.
  7. Substance Misuse test

    Cannabis - if not smoked regularly - leaves the system within 24-36hrs. Provided you don't actually smoke it, or take any other substances you'll be fine.
  8. You handled that poorly and set the tone by marching up to the door swearing at the daughter - by the way how old is she? Reason I ask is that if it was my daughter and you'd of come shouting and swearing at her at my door you'd of got a gobfull off me as well, just without the threats.
  9. reasonable excuse?

    I'll be totally honest mate - if I came across you and had reason to stop and search you and came across a 4" locking knife - you'd be arrested for possession of a bladed article. Being a delivery driver and having to open boxes, in my opinion really doesn't excuse that size of knife. What's wrong with a bog standard Stanley knife?
  10. If this is an exam question you must take it literally as it states. In this question though it doesn't make it clear what her intentions were when she entered the restaurant. Based purely on the fact that she didn't enter originally as a trespasser, I'd go with s9(1)(b). She entered into an area which members of the public are not allowed (trespassing) and committed theft. You'd never in a million years in reality get a burglary charge out of this, it'd go down as straight up theft.
  11. Score Transfer

    I know the frustration you feel - I felt it too when I was going through the application! You'll get there in the end.
  12. You want to start making that professional impression now, suit and boot it mate. I went to one of these years ago and some people turned up in t shirts, jeans, shorts - one even came in flip flops. Even on the AC there was still one or two in jeans and t shirts and funnily enough, they didn't get through. Being a police officer is all about professionalism. Show it early doors even if it's an informal registration. You never know who's watching and taking note.
  13. Police Officers with hearing aids

    That's brilliant news, congratulations Warren.
  14. Score Transfer

    I haven't been through the experience that you have, when I transferred my AC scores things went quite smoothly. It's a waiting game I'm afraid but if I were you I'd prepare to attend another AC. Come September you may well be invited to the next stage but in the time between now and then another force may open up or your local force accepting applications again.
  15. tablets?

    At Cheshire we use tablets that double up as laptops with the detachable keyboard. I must say they are fantastic and make your life so much easier. Witness statements, crime files and reports, MISPER reports etc can all be done on the go and out of the nick. It also makes it easier when responding to jobs as well, I can take a look at it first and check those involved so I have half an idea about what I'm walking in to.