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  1. Cannabis - if not smoked regularly - leaves the system within 24-36hrs. Provided you don't actually smoke it, or take any other substances you'll be fine.
  2. You handled that poorly and set the tone by marching up to the door swearing at the daughter - by the way how old is she? Reason I ask is that if it was my daughter and you'd of come shouting and swearing at her at my door you'd of got a gobfull off me as well, just without the threats.
  3. I'll be totally honest mate - if I came across you and had reason to stop and search you and came across a 4" locking knife - you'd be arrested for possession of a bladed article. Being a delivery driver and having to open boxes, in my opinion really doesn't excuse that size of knife. What's wrong with a bog standard Stanley knife?
  4. If this is an exam question you must take it literally as it states. In this question though it doesn't make it clear what her intentions were when she entered the restaurant. Based purely on the fact that she didn't enter originally as a trespasser, I'd go with s9(1)(b). She entered into an area which members of the public are not allowed (trespassing) and committed theft. You'd never in a million years in reality get a burglary charge out of this, it'd go down as straight up theft.
  5. I know the frustration you feel - I felt it too when I was going through the application! You'll get there in the end.
  6. You want to start making that professional impression now, suit and boot it mate. I went to one of these years ago and some people turned up in t shirts, jeans, shorts - one even came in flip flops. Even on the AC there was still one or two in jeans and t shirts and funnily enough, they didn't get through. Being a police officer is all about professionalism. Show it early doors even if it's an informal registration. You never know who's watching and taking note.
  7. That's brilliant news, congratulations Warren.
  8. I haven't been through the experience that you have, when I transferred my AC scores things went quite smoothly. It's a waiting game I'm afraid but if I were you I'd prepare to attend another AC. Come September you may well be invited to the next stage but in the time between now and then another force may open up or your local force accepting applications again.
  9. At Cheshire we use tablets that double up as laptops with the detachable keyboard. I must say they are fantastic and make your life so much easier. Witness statements, crime files and reports, MISPER reports etc can all be done on the go and out of the nick. It also makes it easier when responding to jobs as well, I can take a look at it first and check those involved so I have half an idea about what I'm walking in to.
  10. Shifts vary station to station, it's not a uniform pattern as would be with other forces. As I was leaving there was a mass review into shift patterns which may or may not be coming to an end. Best place to go would be the MDP forum on here.
  11. I can't go into too much on a public forum, nor will I over private messaging due to the sensitivity of what I did with MDP and what, as a whole, the MDP do. However if you're looking at the MDP with aspirations of being a copper - don't. Carry on applying to home office forces, joining the MDP won't make you a copper anymore than working security at Asda. The most I'll tell you is that you will be stood on a gate for x amount of time. You won't work anywhere near home and will either travel the country to and from work (as I did and many others did and do also) or have to relocate at your own expense.
  12. I'd imagine it'll be within 14days - despite what I said that's generally the communication you get with regards to time frame.
  13. I failed 3 AC's (GMP x 2 and Essex) before joining MDP then on to Cheshire. Its devastating but a learning curve and it helped teach me drive and commitment. Remember that failure isn't failure unless you give up.
  14. Force to force vary. I've known some people wait as long as 2months whereas I've known others wait as little as a week. When was your AC?
  15. As above, the role play and interview are the heavy hitters and jointly account for over half of the available marks. Maths and verbal reasoning, though important to do well in, account for very little of the marks. I'm sure I'll be corrected if wrong but I'm near certain you have to pass all by a certain percentage in order to attain a full AC pass mark. Cheshire's pass mark is 50% as is *most* police forces, I would imagine GMP are the same. One does wonder though why you didn't know this information beforehand? When I was going through my Cheshire app I spent days and nights revising and preparing for not just the AC but also the final interview and I knew everything about the force and what score I needed to attain.