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  1. Red Light - Ambulance Behind

    Thanks for all your help guys. I'll certainly know not to do that again. CameronS999
  2. Hi, I'm sure this is an age old argument but I'd like to hear some educated views on the subject. I'm currently learning to drive and on my last drive when I was out with my old man an ambulance (on blues and twos) came from behind. There was nowhere for them to go so I moved as far left as possible and the car in the right hand lane moved forward and as far right as they could. Unfortunately a car behind us moved in such a way that they actually further blocked the ambulance. The ambulance then proceeded to cycle through the tones in such a way that I felt intimidated into moving through the red traffic light which I duly did without causing any other traffic an issue but I did cross the white line. 1) If I did this on my test, would I have failed? 2) Was this illegal? My old man, who is emergency response trained (fire service), said they should have turned off their horns but left the blues going. Any input is appreciated. CameronS999
  3. Young Newbie

    Hi guys, Just turned 17 at the end of January and looking to apply to become a PC somewhere in the near future. Currently at high school in Scotland and considering University but still not 100%. Hopefully find the answers, over time, on here. Cheers, CameronS999