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  1. Question of law: What constitutes in "uniform"?

    Thanks for the input.
  2. Question of law: What constitutes in "uniform"?

    Fair comments..(except for the short jibe😉). The focus of my question really is around what constitutes "uniform" for the purpose of utilising powers that state a constable must be in uniform? As an officer who works in plain clothes, will my met vest and associated PPE be enough if worn to lawfully "activate" these powers?
  3. Quick question to throw out there for some feedback from the old sweats... I'm in an unmarked in plain clothes...(jeans and t-shirt), however I am wearing my met vest with epaulettes and name badge which clearly identify me as a constable.. In relation to s163 Road Traffic Act Am I a constable "in uniform" for the purpose of the act and therefore legally empowered to stop a vehicle lawfully? Essentially what constitutes being "in uniform"?
  4. Vetting

    Having had one of the most in depth vetting procedures of any of my colleagues (197 days for The Metropolitan Police), I can assure you that as long as you declare none of those issues will have any bearing on your vetting. If in any doubt, declare, declare, declare....good luck!
  5. On The Job Language Courses?

    Any info on language courses provided whilst on the job? thanks.
  6. I have for several years studied judo, boxing, Muay Thai, K1 and kickboxing and most currently have been focusing on Krav Maga training with both IKMF and KMG schools. I would reiterate many of the comments mentioned previously. Ultimately, any form of defense will be an advantage, a way to improve your health and fitness and hopefully a fun and social past time too! For a sense of reality I would strongly suggest that you undertake something with active sparring as it is essential that you understand what it is like to be struck and condition for it. Personally I prefer combatives such as Krav Maga for reality based street defence rather than controlled and insulated sport based art forms. Be aware though that many of the techniques taught are very much last resort as by there very nature they are designed to neutralise threats or inflict maximum pain and damage to facilitate escape. These are not proportionate or reasonable uses of force unless you are under significant threat. BJJ, wrestling and judo though are far more appropriate for duty and I would reiterate ason83's comments from above. Be careful though when making your selection and make sure you do your research as martial arts and defence is as yet an unregulated industry and there are many instructors out there who market themselves heavily and promise the earth but lack the experience and qualifications. Make sure whatever you choose that you attend a trial and take the opportunity to interview your instructor. Good quality coaches will always be affiliated with an internationally regulated association and you should look for these as a rule of thumb.
  7. just emailed you..and yes thats an extra post. just need some confirmation and then i can get you up and running.. might be worth removing your email from this public forum too....
  8. you need to make 10 posts to use the private messaging system, seven left to go ...
  9. Afternoon Shaza, PM me with your number and a display name and I will add you to a Whatsapp group that includes march intake and several who are heading to gilmour that weekend..
  10. moving in on the 29th march...
  11. good tip for relish by the way, never heard of them before and if there is coverage, unlimited usage sounds fantastic....nice one
  12. Really appreciate you taking the time to help me out... Hopefully see you soon.
  13. nice one and thanks so much. can i ask about the kitchen, bathroom/shower facilities, bedding/laundry and wi-fi dongle reception? sorry for the long list...