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  1. Clash of Clans

    New UK clan if any meal break clashes are interested.... #J92YGYU9
  2. October intake

    In the covering letter 0900 hrs.
  3. October intake

    Shut down 18th Dec and return 4th Jan..:-)
  4. October intake

    Not long now.... How much pre-course E-Learning and reading!
  5. Vacancies in England

    Once you get past the assessment send recruitment your preferences and they will update your file. If there is a vacancy to fill at one of your choices then your details will be available to them.
  6. October intake

    No I was later than you guys assessment end of April and medical in June
  7. October intake

    No m8 got my first choice Hereford... Within this forum is it just the 4 us so far for Oct?
  8. October intake

    Keyturn87... Guessing we share the same current employer as well as start date, 10 years hmp happy to get my notice in!
  9. October intake

    Thanks guys. Sorry to here that Ovey, it is hard mind I have had to really consider all angles in going for it.
  10. October intake

    :-D notice going in today as employment offer just arrived..
  11. Application timescale

    Wouldn't hurt, I received acknowledgment within a few days. But you did have a bank holiday in middle plus main summer holidays may have delayed things.
  12. Application timescale

    For those who are in the process my timescales: Application sent 6 Mar 2015 Initial vetting submitted 23 Mar Assessment 29/30 Apr Assessment results 13 May Online vetting submitted 20 May Medical 19 Jun Dv interview (review as prev held Dv) 15 Aug Sc clearance 26 Aug provisional course Oct (contract out this week Hopefully)
  13. October intake

    Same here been told contract out this week.
  14. MOD Police Recruitment

    Follow the instructions and guidelines given.
  15. Application timescale

    Old barrack block with a semi recent paint job shared bathrooms... I'm assuming the ensuite accommodation is saved for staff or students. Bedding is provided take anything else you need.