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  1. I'm much the same as propidol - I don't eat much at work! Especially on response, if I eat at all it's an apple or an energy bar!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. That's odd! Maybe they will send some more long sleeve shirts to HQ for your start??
  3. It's for on the spot fines - mostly used in traffic stops etc.
  4. Zeus
  5. Thanks for the tips!
  6. They are black tops - definitely not cotton shirts. I want to say they are mostly polyester??
  7. Starting with West Mids Police in September this year and have just picked up my kit, so thought it would be interesting for others to know exactly what this consists of... so here goes: Hi-vis jacket Hi-vis vest Kitbag Cuffs Baton CS Spray These items are kept back and delivered to HQ when we start. 3 x pair of trousers Waterproof pull over trousers Helmet Gloves Trouser belt Utility belt 3 x long sleeve top 3 x short sleeve top Pullover fleece Torch + torch holder Warrant card holder Cuffs holder Print and penalty booklet Leather notebook cover Pouch with mini first aid kit First aid text book I think that's everything, hope this helps!
  8. I'm starting with WMP in September and have purchased a pair of high Magnum boots, will see how they fair!!
  9. Does anyone know if WMP have a women's team? I played throughout Uni and would be keen to start again!