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  1. West Mids Anyone

    I've been in since September last year, and the final interview was actually my favourite part of the whole recruitment process. If you relax and think about the PPF in your answers you will be absolutely fine. Obviously remember what you put in your first application too because they might ask you some questions related to that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    I'm much the same as propidol - I don't eat much at work! Especially on response, if I eat at all it's an apple or an energy bar!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Wmp Kit 2016

    Starting with West Mids Police in September this year and have just picked up my kit, so thought it would be interesting for others to know exactly what this consists of... so here goes: Hi-vis jacket Hi-vis vest Kitbag Cuffs Baton CS Spray These items are kept back and delivered to HQ when we start. 3 x pair of trousers Waterproof pull over trousers Helmet Gloves Trouser belt Utility belt 3 x long sleeve top 3 x short sleeve top Pullover fleece Torch + torch holder Warrant card holder Cuffs holder Print and penalty booklet Leather notebook cover Pouch with mini first aid kit First aid text book I think that's everything, hope this helps!
  4. Wmp Kit 2016

    That's odd! Maybe they will send some more long sleeve shirts to HQ for your start??
  5. West Mids Anyone

    Punta Cana, very nice! See you next month!
  6. West Mids Anyone

    Hi both! Thought I'd written on here more recently... I've been given a start date of 26th September and have the pre-enrolment evening tonight. Anyone else going to be there this evening?
  7. Wmp Kit 2016

    It's for on the spot fines - mostly used in traffic stops etc.
  8. One Word Association

  9. Wmp Kit 2016

    Thanks for the tips!
  10. Wmp Kit 2016

    They are black tops - definitely not cotton shirts. I want to say they are mostly polyester??
  11. April/May 2016

    Thanks - hope you're training is going well!
  12. Woman Police Boots

    I'm starting with WMP in September and have purchased a pair of high Magnum boots, will see how they fair!!
  13. April/May 2016

    I've got my start for WMP as 26th September '16. Applied in March '15 so it's take a while! Very excited now though.
  14. Police Rugby Teams

    Does anyone know if WMP have a women's team? I played throughout Uni and would be keen to start again!
  15. West Mids Anyone

    So what start date are you looking at now? Have you been informed?? Thanks for the feedback spoiltprince, hopefully I should have my fitness date soon. Just have my fingers crossed I get in and can start this year!
  16. West Mids Anyone

    Hi all! Firstly, pleased to see so many people moving forward successfully! I applied in March 2015, Telephone Interview in April 2015, AC in Sept 2015, Medical Assessment 29th Feb 2016... just waiting for my fitness assessment now. Hopefully, should be too long! Does this sound like a similar time-frame to what others have experienced? I'm concerned things are taking too long, and that posts will fill up quicker than the recruitment process for me.