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  1. Hi EdinburghCal, great, i'll drop a couple of people a message and get back to you in a couple of days. Hi DHT, i'm based Aberdeen. Honestly it's been great, every shift has been completely different and I absolutely love coming onto shift and not knowing what's going to happen that day; tones of variety.
  2. Hey DHT, what area of Scotland would you be hoping to get posted to? It's slightly different in each division. I finished Tulliallan about 2 months ago so could easily get a rough shift pattern for you for from other friends that I trained with.
  3. I would challenge that with the practice manager; explain the circumstances, always worth a try!
  4. Sub-Seven, why bother to post if you aren't going to give a helpful answer? Zak87 - what force are you going to?
  5. hey guys, all the very best for monday, you'll love it. I passed out today and you're getting the best staff there. Lots of hard work but if you put in 100%, you'll get in 100% back. First week can be like information overload but you'll settle quickly after that and your 11 weeks will go so fast! Any questions, just ask. Good luck guys.
  6. There's wifi in the land of leather area too. If you're on 02 you get a fair amount of reception; ive got 4G right now.
  7. Pretty sure the standards are set for every day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yip, boots need done everyday ! Aw sh**e Why then is it necessary to have two pairs of boots? I know they say boots or shoes for parade use but if you just have boots for both then it's a bit needless? I would take one pair of boots for everyday use and then take a pair of shoes for parade. For your boots, once you've bulled them properly it will only take 5-10 mins a night to touch up. You won't wear the shoes that much so they won't need much touching up once you've bulled them. Shoes look better for parade and inspections. They're also better for marching in, you can put segs in them (which make a noise for when you walk) which are really good for marching.
  8. Pretty sure the standards are set for every day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Yip, boots need done everyday !
  9. give me a message, number on the previous page and i'll add you to the what's app group :)
  10. Hey Simon, you get it by email and then you need to sign and send back by registered post.
  11. Hey guys, can you PM me your mobiles and i'll set up :)
  12. Hey guys, shall we set up a wee facebook group before we go?
  13. Great stuff, where you coming from?
  14. Hey guys, Anyone on this intake - 4th Jan. My date got confirmed last week :)
  15. Oh that's good news! Where did you go through? Mine was sent first week of August too. You got a start date for Tulliallan then?