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  1. Almost 20. Where's my walking stick at?

  2. Weight Loss

    This is nothing I have experienced. I guess post #2 by Sub is right because the only way I could imagine losing weight in quick time is to have activity levels at a high level and eat very little; maybe skip a meal? Never snack etc. I'm not a health adviser; but I was told that the recommended safe weight loss was a maximum of 3 pounds per week. Going by that comment and your orders to lose over 1 stone within 3 weeks baffles me as it sounds like a very short time. I wish you luck nonetheless because it would be rubbish if you never got in because we can never be certain of when the next recruitment drive will be these days.
  3. Weight Loss

    I was in a similar position not so long ago: but I was not an applicant, instead I was a 'wannabe' who wasn't 'gonnabe' because I was unfit and had a high BMI. Although what I learned really helped me. In short: Your diet and exercise should compliment each other, for example it's all well going out for a run and what not, but what use is it really if you're (plural) having chocolate, pizza, burgers etc. on a regular basis. If you're very heavy (as I was) lay off the feet; running when heavy can lead to some dodgy joints (or so I was advised, although when I was heavier my feet were sometimes in agony and I just put it down to flat feet: I was wrong). Instead why not cycle? or swim? Swimming, according to my old Campus Police Officer is the best form of exercise as it covers practically everything. I concentrated on cycling, swimming, and threw in some weight training at the local gym. When I lost 1st 7lbs I threw in some running and for a start the pain on my feet was practically gone, and through cycling and swimming alone for around 2 or 3 months helped me shave off some time on my mile and a half runs and I am able to run for longer and further at some slightly higher average speeds. I am still in my routine, and very much still have my target weight to reach, although I am under the maximum BMI: This time last year (when I started training) I was 4 over the maximum BMI of 30. I hope this helps in some way. The biggest advice is have your diet and exercise complimenting each other or else you'll be putting in all the work for no to very little results. Good luck :)
  4. Recruitment - Promotion After Probation Period

    Ouch! Needs must I guess. If it wasn't for the ''everyone has to go through the same process'' they could advertise for experienced employee's to join up. Although, the ''eveyone has to go through the same process'' ideaoligy is quite popular so I could imagine some upset if that were to happen. Unless such a system/ideaoligy is only existent here in Scotland to which I doubt.
  5. Police Scotland West Command Application Stage

    Specific Police Scotland discussion thread is here: https://www.ukpoliceonline.co.uk/index.php?/topic/52765-police-scotland-recruitment/ p.s many have heard back and have applied before and after you.
  6. Recruitment - Promotion After Probation Period

    Taxi for gripper!
  7. Oi. Milky Bar kid gave me the fear when I was younger! You can't get any worse than the Milky Bar kid. His chocolate was nice though.
  8. I have a friend who's very passionate about joining the RAF Police. He will love your comment
  9. Recruitment - Promotion After Probation Period

    The minute your probation is up you can express an interest, and apply for the respective specialisation if a vaccancy is advertised :) This is going by my Campus Officer 4 years ago :)
  10. Recruitment - Promotion After Probation Period

    If I get in and pass probation then it's straight to applying for Armed Response for me, no wait marine unit, no wait traffic, no wait air support.... argh! So many options... My point is, you have a chance to make a career for yourself in so many ways. I may consider CID for my ''sunset years''.
  11. Apparently you still perform drills, salutes etc... in Police Scotland.
  12. I suppose the army will of course take the edge on discipline, but civ pol policing is not majorly short of military (discipline wise) going by some statements of various threads. I do wish civ pol would have the same effect, because I am positive that if the Military Police were to approach a drunk and disorderly civvy the civvy would sober up in 2 secs, something that civ pol counterparts may feel quite envious towards. Or maybe not. Although, of course policing is more than picking fights, but it's good to have that stiff upper lip to calm stuff down almost instantly.
  13. Sounds like Military Police are considered a lot more authoritative than their civ pol counterparts. I could only imagine the reason is due to the change in civilian police recognition going from force to service. That's up for debate though.
  14. It may be bothersome? What if one were to have a quicker turnaround than the other? Put in your Police Scotland application, and have your Army application at the ready in case your Police Scotland application fails to lead to employment :)
  15. Late In Life Career Hopeful

    If you want to be in the Police and have a taste of your old environment (the MOD) then MOD Police is an option, but as you may know it's quite far fetched from traditional policing unless you succeed on getting into one of the roles than can offer such (Defence Community Officer). Hope this is of some use. :)