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  1. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    Think the oil did the trick. Was using it today with no issues.
  2. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I was trying really firm hits, I think it might be a little bent or damaged somewhere. And it does look well used at least. We'll see what my trainers say.
  3. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I've read that also about the WD40, after I'd done it. I won't be putting any more on, it was a one time thing just to retract it on that occasion. I had tried unscrewing the bottom and trying to alter the clip at the bottom, but that wasn't working. It seems like the end section simply got stuck.
  4. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I haven't started training yet, and my 'use' of it was limited to within my own property, extending it and retracting it to see if it did so correctly. In much the same way as I tried the uniform on again when I got home after picking it up, to firstly make sure the stuff I'd tried on before was what had been ordered, but also to try on the things I hadn't had the chance. I don't think as standard the stores team are meant to give training on all the equipment, just issue it. And I don't actually think at the moment it was any error on my part, it seems likely that it's simply a very stiff/potentially faulty baton. Even if it is user error, I don't see what's scary about it, I'm not about to go around the streets with it outside of policing, and I won't use it until directed to in training, and only how I'm instructed to do so at the time. Were I already patrolling the streets then your concern would be valid.
  5. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I did give quite a few good hits when trying to get it back in, it wasn't shifting at all. I got it back in by leaving a little bit of oil on it then coming back and tapping it firmly on the end which worked, but I haven't extended it since as I'd rather wait till I'm actually in training(next week), so at least if it gets stuck I'll likely have someone there who has probably had the same issue before purely down to experience. When I next extend it I'll have a good long look to see if it looks bent or curved in any way.
  6. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    There's no button on it.
  7. Advice needed

    My GP did it but I can't see why you wouldn't be able to do it yourself, they're basically signing off that everyone on there is accurate, so as long as you're putting correct information on there it shouldn't be a problem.
  8. Advice needed

    Final interview was 6 questions as far as I remember. They're not strictly along the lines of your competencies, they'll be a bit broader. You'll be expected to have done research into the role (For example I got asked what I understood by SARA in terms of problem solving), understand the new challenges for police in the past 10-15 years( modern terrorism, cybercrime, etc) go into some depth about what is expected(what characteristics should you have aside from the obvious), what you bring to the role that someone else might not(I come from a background in banking, so I could have more of an insight into what the victims of financial crime could be feeling and what steps they might want to take). When I did mine they were friendly and got the sense that it was an opportunity to show them who I was, rather than to catch me out. Where the SEARCH assessment is impersonal for the most part, this is kinda the other way. They know you meet the criteria, but they want to meet the person too. I had both a serving higher ranking police officer(can't remember the rank specifically) and a civilian member of staff, each asked 3 questions. Just go in there and be relaxed, but know your stuff. Things might vary by force but it should be broadly similar. Mine was with Durham if that helps. The medical for me was going to my GP and Optician, they filled the forms in for me, I handed those in to my force, I turned up later to my appointment, they checked hearing and also a few other things like my breathing, they also took the samples for drug testing. I then went to the force doctor who ran through my GP/Optician forms to check the few things that were worth mentioning on them, before doing a few joint flexibility/strength tests (I had had knee problems in the past so I don't know if this was because of that, or if it was standard for everyone).
  9. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    No button on the bottom on mine.
  10. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I've since managed to retract it after using a touch of WD40. Won't use it again till I'm actually in training then at least I'll have my trainers able to help me with it. As far as what type it is, it's an older one as it's fairly battered already. Looks like this one on the bottom.
  11. I've just picked up my new kit as a new starter today, and I've been trying everything on, and checking everything works. The Baton worked fine initially, but now the end extendable section won't retract into the middle section. Any advise on this?
  12. Police medical and one off case of anxiety

    Just explain everything, any issues that you've had, be honest, but make sure you explain the aftermath, that it's all fine now, the reasons for it. Could possibly be worth speaking to your doctor now and having it clearly stated on your medical records that they believe it is no longer an issue. Then the force doctor can see it in your record. I've had a few things in the past which were brought up in the medical, which I explained how they were dealt with, no longer an issue, and the force doctor accepted it and passed me. For me it was knee problems about 4-5 years ago which have disappeared, a head injury and fainting episode about 12 years ago (literally never happened again since, was just a one off). Also had some dry skin issues which were dealt with and were most likely due to liquid chalk I used at the gym, treated it and used a different brand. All no longer issues and clearly so, explained clearly and honestly on the medical forms, backed up by medical records, and it was fine.
  13. Have you received any further confirmation from Durham since your biometrics etc?

    Not sure when to expect to hear from them but work are starting ask questions about my notice. 

    1. Chalky1989


      I was told in an email that it'd usually be 2 weeks from the last tests before I'd hear something. So for me that's next Tuesday. I emailed HR today to double check and they haven't said anything about it yet. I want to get my notice in as soon as possible because I want a couple of weeks off before I start. I'm quite prepared to just leave if I can't get the notice I want because I've told them about every single stage of my application so they can't act like they weren't informed of when I'd be going.

      I have heard from a current colleague who's friend's partner is on the same intake, that he's passed everything and is definitely in, so I think some people have already passed, it's just a waiting game with when the results come back.

  14. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Well everyone says the roleplays are the hardest part, so your main focus should be there. Make sure you deal with them in a structured way. In my job now we have a problem solving system called 'IRIS' which is what I used to respond to the role actors. So you Investigate, you find out what they want as a a Resolution, you get the details from your Investigation, then you offer your Solution. So they'll put a scenario in there which you'll never actually fix their problem, it's more that you have to try and you have to handle it in a fair, logical and reasonable way. So listen to their concerns, offer ways to address them, be inclusive, but don't ramble, don't contradict yourself, take a few seconds before opening your mouth if you have to. As for the rest, maybe find some maths or verbal reasoning tests to test yourself online. Other main things are your Statement taking abilities, and also your competency/life based questions. So have your example for any competency ready, and make sure you link the values expected of a PC to that.
  15. Home Office Doctor Referral.

    Based on that picture I think you look heavy, but not what I'd expect when I see someone's BMI is 40! I think a bit of weight could be lost, so just keep doing that steadily till any date is set really to show your commitment. I hope all goes well!