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  1. Well everyone says the roleplays are the hardest part, so your main focus should be there. Make sure you deal with them in a structured way. In my job now we have a problem solving system called 'IRIS' which is what I used to respond to the role actors. So you Investigate, you find out what they want as a a Resolution, you get the details from your Investigation, then you offer your Solution. So they'll put a scenario in there which you'll never actually fix their problem, it's more that you have to try and you have to handle it in a fair, logical and reasonable way. So listen to their concerns, offer ways to address them, be inclusive, but don't ramble, don't contradict yourself, take a few seconds before opening your mouth if you have to. As for the rest, maybe find some maths or verbal reasoning tests to test yourself online. Other main things are your Statement taking abilities, and also your competency/life based questions. So have your example for any competency ready, and make sure you link the values expected of a PC to that.
  2. Based on that picture I think you look heavy, but not what I'd expect when I see someone's BMI is 40! I think a bit of weight could be lost, so just keep doing that steadily till any date is set really to show your commitment. I hope all goes well!
  3. While I appreciate you're a very strong guy, purely based on the numbers, even accounting for strength, I can understand why they might have concerns. I'm 6'2, even at my heaviest was 17 1/2 stone, and was clearly overweight. I'm moderately strong but probably nowhere near yourself. I don't know what you look like but if I was going purely off stats I'd assume you were obese. 20 stone at 5'10 puts your BMI at over 40 and that's severely obese. Even accounting for strength I'd have concerns. All you can do is present your case to the team. Do what you're doing, document your training, your current weight loss. Then if they give you the chance to make your case, do it as best you can. Unfortunately nobody here can really guide you any further as it's your force doctor's decision and discretion.
  4. Wonder if they'll make it any quicker this time. Assuming I pass my drugs test and biometrics doesn't bring up anything(shouldn't do!) I'll be starting a year and a day from when I handed my application in last year. I'd like to hope for other peoples sake that it won't take that long for any applicant this time.
  5. Good to know, thanks for the reply!
  6. As part of the application, obviously I'm having to give my fingerprints and DNA later this month, which I have no objection to at all as it's for obvious and sensible reasons. I'm just curious if anyone knows, if I was somehow to either cancel my application or failed in other areas, will this be kept on record? No objection to it, more a curiosity to be honest. As far as I know if someone was arrested but not charged, it normal gets deleted within a month(or 3 years if it's applied for). Genuinely don't have a problem with it staying on record though, I've nothing to hide in that regard.
  7. I did the fitness test with Durham today, it was 15 metres. They said if you failed it they would try and get you in on another date but couldn't guarantee it. Assuming then if you couldn't get re-scheduled you'd fail and have to start again. Best to ask your force.
  8. I had the fitness test this afternoon, can confirm it's literally just the bleep test to 5.4. You'll do the first two levels as a warm up, then you'll start again up to 5. Some of the guys there said they stopped using the Push Pull test a couple of years ago, don't know how true that was. Got my medical the morning of the 15th, uniform fitting the afternoon. Haven't heard anything from my vetting since I submitted it. Just want to get everything passed so I can submit my notice at my current job!
  9. Gutted that you didn't make it, I've been rejected before and it felt rubbish. I think as you passed SEARCH you can transfer the score to any other force that accepts it, even if you didn't make it through final interview. The 6 months only normally applies to SEARCH but individual forces have the choice to say they won't accept a transfer after rejection for 6 months anyway. Basically I'd look at any force recruiting that you'd want to go to, see if they're recruiting, and if so, email their HR department. Nothing to lose by doing that. Also I remember with feedback they told me they wouldn't give any till everyone had been interviewed, which should be by the 24th, so the 27th sounds right as when you'll start to get feedback.
  10. Congratulations!
  11. Thanks. In theory you should be looking at getting your news tomorrow or Wednesday then. Best of luck!
  12. Was on Thursday afternoon. Was told I'd get the letter either way, pass or fail, around the start of this week. I got the vetting emails this afternoon and then emailed the HR person to query if this meant I'd passed, and she said she had, but she'd thought I should have had the letter by now and had deliberately timed the vetting emails to come through after any letter, just it hadn't worked out this time. I'd say wait for the letter Karl. Any vetting emails should come after your letter really. So if you've had neither that's okay. Thanks! I'm fairly confident there's nothing to trip me up on my vetting, I have a speeding ticket from last Jan but that's about it, no dodgy connections, no family criminal history that I'm aware of, no financial issues, etc. And I should be fine on the medical/physical. I was hoping for either early August or September so this works out. (Early August so I can start soon as, Early September would allow me to get my last bonus from my current job before leaving, but that really would be a minor concern)
  13. While I haven't had the letter I just got the emails through about Vetting, I emailed back to ask if this meant I'd passed and I have! I'm still a tiny bit hesitant to celebrate till I've seen the letter! Meant to start 7th August! I wish the rest of you luck!
  14. I was speaking to a serving constable today for some advice, and some of the things he's mentioned are as follows, at least in Durham Know the Core Deliverables - Protecting Neighbourhoods, Tackling Criminals, Solving Problems. There's the Plan on a Page on the website which goes into more detail. The number one priority here is Victims. So being there for them initially, operating the victim contract, and most of all, setting clear timeframes for when you WILL update them, that follow up is key. Think of all the different competencies, and already know in your head what you'd want to use as an example. Just bullet point it in your head. If you get a diversity question the key thing is that if someone says something offensive, your response should be to challenge them, try and work out why they said it, and then also report it higher. Know what you would say is your strength. Know what you would say is your weakness but also know how you can turn that into a strength They might ask about working with limited resources, make sure to mention PCSO's, Specials, Civilian volunteers as part of a wider network allowing full officers to do their jobs within those limits. If the interviewers question you on a point you've made, unless you're clearly wrong or mistaken, don't flip flop. A lack of decisiveness will screw you over. Also they may just be wanting to know more, rather than looking to catch you out. SARA Scan/Analyse/Respond/Assess - That is how you deal with a problem, rinse and repeat until the problem is solved. Take a few moments before giving your answers. Take the time to have the interviewers repeat the question. There will be water there for you to drink, use it if you need to. End on a positive note. When they ask if there is anything you want to say or ask, be positive, be confident.
  15. I'm assuming you got a positive response then! I also got a pass (62%) so I'm going to be looking for advice too