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  1. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    That's not bad. Though when I got in this time I couldn't wait to hand my notice in and get started!
  2. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Nice one! Do you know when you'll be starting? Pending the vetting/medical stuff?
  3. Firstly, remember this place isn't for proper legal advice, for that you'll want to speak to a lawyer. So what I'll say is just my opinion/perspective. I'd imagine you'd almost certainly get the 6 points. No Insurance/Invalid Insurance is pretty much an absolute offence. You'll likely get a fixed penalty notice through the door soon and it will give you a conditional offer which will probably be something like 6 points and a fine (maybe around £200). You have the option to pay it, or take it to court where you could appeal that or argue against it. But as you yourself are saying you didn't have insurance I'd not be hopeful.
  4. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    No problem! Also, don't be afraid to show your personality. They're wanting to see what you're like. If you've got an interesting story behind the answer to a question, don't be afraid to share it as long as it's appropriate. What they don't want is a robot who knows all the facts and rules and has no personality.
  5. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    I think I've mentioned before in this thread my advice, but in general, make sure you know your stuff, about what the priorities are in Durham, what you're expected to do, things like SARA. But also don't overstress. Do your prep on the days leading up to the interview, then try and relax before the interview. Look over your competencies and know what your examples are. Make sure you know what crossover you have from your current job into this one (I worked in a bank so I said I knew more than most about financial crimes at a lower level and the impact on the victim). Most of call just be confident. Take your time to come up with your answer. Take a sip of water then calmy give your answer. Also think about your answers. Think about the practical nature of the job. Example I've been given. No point saying you're a perfectionist, as when on earth will you have time to get things perfect in modern day policing? So try and related your strengths to how they'll help you in the job. Also, make sure you're not overdoing it. If for example someone is a 6'6 bodybuilding giant, and they go on about how they can deal with anything physically that's thrown at them, an interviewer is just going to think firstly that knifes hurt just the same regardless, and that you might not have what it takes when it comes to the softer touch and the victim care. Extreme example to an extent, but I think you get the point.
  6. Vetting

    As long as you've made every effort to be honest and transparent you should be ok.
  7. Vetting

    Try contacting your forces HR department or whoever deals with the vetting to explain the circumstances. The main thing about vetting is being honest. So as long as you're up front about it, it should give you a better chance.
  8. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    It's good so far, can't really say too much as I doubt they want us to, but I think for the most part it's being done right, trainers are generally pretty good. Just got to learn all the systems, the laws, etc!
  9. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    I'm in already. Applied last August, had my SEARCH in April, Interview not long after, started training a few weeks ago.
  10. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Just make sure you keep calm and focus. And have a clear structure to the way you respond. If it's haphazard they won't like it. I structured things the same way I did at my old job, they had a system called IRIS - Issue, Resolution(the one they wanted), Investigation (so what you've found out, the facts), then Solution (The solution you actually offer). That seemed to work for me. But as long as it's structured and logical it won't matter. The waiting is the worst part for sure, and I think that's what causes people to over-stress about it. Just do your preparation, then do something to de-stress before the assessment itself.
  11. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Jasefro, the passmark for most places is 50%, Durham requires 60% unless they've changed it. Assessment centre for me was done at Harperley Hall near Fir Tree. It is quite a long day, 5 hours is about right. Also the roleplays can be tough. I was only really prepared for it because my previous job basically involved other people having problems and I would have to fix them or explain what we could do going forward, I was used to confrontational people. So when it came time to do the roleplays, people being difficult and a little forward and agressive wasn't really a problem and I was able to deal with it calmly.
  12. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    For reference for you guys, I'm quite certain when I passed paper sift last year it was a letter initially, and I had the letter by the end of August, having submitted my application on 8th August. There's tips for the assessment centre all over the site, it can be tough, but the key thing is to stay calm, keep a clear thought process, and don't overstress yourself. I made a point on both my AC and final interview of not doing any prep on the day of either (both mine were in the afternoon). I did it all the previous days, then kept a clear mind and relaxed throughout the morning and de-stressed (I went to the gym both times, which is my happy place!). I honestly didn't find either of them hard to do, I didn't come away from them with my head all over the place, and I was able to be clear with any answers I was giving because I wasn't rushing or stumbling over my words or writing a load of rubbish down in the written assessments. Best thing you can do in terms of prep is focus on the roleplays and competencies. Maths and English, if you don't have the ability there's very little you can do to train it and they're only a small portion of the marks. Get used to someone being a bit agressive and moody and wanting you to fix all their problems. Which you can't actually do, but you have to deal with them in the right way. The Roleplays are key.
  13. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    Think the oil did the trick. Was using it today with no issues.
  14. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I was trying really firm hits, I think it might be a little bent or damaged somewhere. And it does look well used at least. We'll see what my trainers say.
  15. Rather a silly one, ASP baton won't retract

    I've read that also about the WD40, after I'd done it. I won't be putting any more on, it was a one time thing just to retract it on that occasion. I had tried unscrewing the bottom and trying to alter the clip at the bottom, but that wasn't working. It seems like the end section simply got stuck.