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  1. You can apply to join as a new entrant
  2. Tips For Assessment Day

    Best to luck to anyone on the AC tomorrow and wednesday (5th and 6th)! I'm very much looking forward to it, and nervous.. been a long time coming
  3. Newbie Intro

    Hi guys! Recently decided to join up to this forum, mainly due to the amount of times I find myself on here when researching forces! I've just submitted my application for the MDP, really hoping to make my start in Policing here due to the opportunities available. My intentions would be to work out of AWE specialising in the TSG. So fingers crossed! I'm originally from Northern Ireland, currently living in South Wales. I've spent a while waiting for roles to come up within Gwent and/or South Wales Police and so far (2 years!!) nothing has come up, hence to look to MDP as relocation doesn't bother me. Hoping to be much more active as my application processes!
  4. Newbie!

    Hi, I'm just about to submit my application for the role of MOD PC, would like access to the forum to ask questions regarding the process, timescales etc,. as well as general chat. Thanks, Karl.