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    Olddogsnewtricks. Yeah mate. Just what i was told, anyhow ive only got 4 month to go anyway. So gonna go for it. Good luck to yourself! Jbaldie7- thanks for your reply. Yeah all ive done is look at certain English forces transfer criteria and it all speculates that they dont except PS as theyre not a home office force. But obviously you're in the know and its encouraging to here that you can transfer. As I said we like it up here but would be nice to have option to retuurn home at some point if need be. Im am currently on with application. Cheers

    Hi mate, when I NTT'd the recruitment officer said wait until your 4 months from discharge. I rung HR the other day and lady said the same thing and if I was successful id get onto March intake(youre right every quarterly they take on). Reference the posting. Its kind of a gamblen in my opinion.after months and months of uncertainty about leaving Army , we finally went firm on staying up here and buying a home. It wouldnt sit well with me if I was posted to Aberdeen lets say and living in Elgin. Leaving the Army to spend more time with the family lol. However PS offer (after 31 weeks, nearly 27k). It would take some English officers upto 5 year to hit that. My main concern is......and I say this respectfully as I know Its not easy to get into, but lets just say I get in..the fact that English forces wont except PS transferees dont sit well with me. PS HR said it would depend on which force and if the except PS transferees. I have researched alot of English force and can't find one! Yet English forces can transfer up here, quite easily!? Kind of weird or wrong! Surely all do same job!! Not even saying I want to move back to England as we love it here but it would be nice to have other options. Goodluck to you too mate

    Cancel my last. Its not a home office force, another HR member has just confirmed.

    So here I am 8 months later, 4 months before Army exit. Spoke to PS HR yesterday and the lady confirmed to me that Police Scotland are a Hone office force and that transfers can be made over the border. Although through my own investigation, I don't think I've seen a single English force that would take PS transferees. I have just applied for Northumbria and the lady at HR told me I could still apply for PS. So today thats what im going to do. If anything.... the pay scales are much better! Wish me luck!
  5. Transfer SEARCH Assesment Centre scores

    Thanks Secret, I did ring Durham and they said i would have to re-apply from the start and if sucessful by pass the search. So thats what worries me is that long wait to see if I pass first stage again, passed search or not. It sounds like a gamble as I read that all application are not generic and I may have to do something different and chance failing. Still need to do search on Oct just eaiting for dates. Reasonably confident. I shouldn't even be worrying about 'transferring' the scores as I aint passed yet. But the force I applied for is not 1st choice, I am leaving Army and applied for first available one. Thanks for your time
  6. Transfer SEARCH Assesment Centre scores

    Hi gents, to transfer any search results do you have to re-apply to another force? I mean, get through that long wait again and prayer that you pass the application stage again? Or can you just get the original force to sent on your original application? Sorry for hi-jacking thread, I just need to clarify this as can't get a conclusive answer. Cheers and all the best!
  7. North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Cheers Simno, yeah thanks for your reply, I did ring Durham up and a lady explained this to me and now you've just confirmed it,thanks. She also said I could have applied for Durham and NYP at same time and chose my A/C centre or whichever was more fitting, which I never knew. Anyroad, 60% at NYP has been mentioned somewhere and Durham will take 50% for A/C. She did say I would have to apply again though through paper sift etc. Which, is nerve racking enough just waiting to see if I would pass with them. The application may be different and would be gutted if I failed. I suppose I am saying that because I passed application with NYP that it might differ with another force, would you say so? Anyway I have to get through A/C yet and I'm already got my head in the books. Think if I am successful i'm going just go for it with NYP for the very reasons (above) alone. I will train hard to beat 60% and if I fall short then as long as its over 50% its not game over, so to speak. I did read your other post too, thanks for the info, I currently live near Inverness (posted in Army) and will have to travel a day early and make sure I can get a good night sleep etc. I hope you get your holiday in! And try and enjoy it, but I fear you'll be revising and you probs won't even know your doing it. Stay intouch to mate, good luck!
  8. North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Hi Goh, thanks for that and good luck! Okay, so it doesn't seem that quick at all and I am due to relocate at xmas time aswel as do courses for leaving Army. Just a thoughed here but if I say passed the A/C could I use the results with another force i.e Northumbria or Durham and if so how long would they stay valid for? Also would I need to go through any of the application etc again or can you just get dropped in on the interview? I hope this doesn't sound bad but I just have so much on my plate and even my wife needs to trabsfer her job successfully. We were talking last nighg and if I said if I could pass A/C (IF) then maybies I could use it on Northumbria etc which is really the place where I want to live. I don't want to buy a house somewhere in North Yorkshire on a wing and a prayer about getting in. Hope that makes sence. I just have to gear myself up to go and work as a Joiner and if I get into Police its a bonus. Tha ks for your time... good luck!
  9. North Yorks 2016 Recruitment

    Ok, so I'm getting the bug for starting threads etc lol. I recently passed paper sift and have starting my prep for A/C. At the minute I am constantly checking my emails, on-line account with NY. And I bet most of the people have been the same on here? Ok, at the moment I have more or less been told to wait out for A/C which is held on behalf of NYP by West Yorks and is likely to happen in October. I had a message on here saying that 'their friend' was through to the A/C and had a confirmed date. For some reason I am googling alot trying to find out how many applied intially and how many will be at the A/C. I can't find anything out at all except a piece from a local rag. Does anyone know, Will there be more than one A/C or will it just be tackled in one go or over 2 days or more? Slighly confused that someone else may have a confirmed date. So I suppose that depends on numbers? Which I can't find, anybody have info? I also seen somewhere that the recruitment is for only 30 officers hence why A/C may be a 60% pass. Anybody any info on number in this? I seen somewhere someone say as many as 300? Which seems way to many. After A/C will the results be quite quick? I know I waited 3 months for paper sift but that seems to be quite normal. Last one, if I was to get through A/C, does the process speed up i.e to final interview to medical/vetting etc? I am currently leaving Army and have other courses/resettlement to do and I'm delaying them to prepare right for A/C plus if I book courses for Oct and A/C turns up il be out of pocket. Sorry for me rambling on, hope you can help. Cheers
  10. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    Cheers mate. Maybies I'm just rubbish at finding things but if I type in say "north yorkshire assessment centre"...I can't find anything relevnt. Sme as core competencies.
  11. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    I am pleasantly suprised. I did think my application was written quite well just I notice errors with grammar etc. I actually nearly withdrew it. Thanks very much. Its give me abit confidence. Now the next question is how do I prep for assessment centre? I have seen Dvds etc that are supposed to help, I have seen some company called blueline, I think. Will this be the way forward? Thanks and good luck mate
  12. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    *Update*. Just had my email. I passed paper sift. Assessment centre sometime in October.
  13. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    Thats very unlucky mate! Yeah I know, its just im leaving Army and have ti relocate, I also need to think about the wifes work. This may sound mad but if I got rejected I would be better next time and more prepared. I spent hours and hours and hours doing the application whilst on night shift. I was running out of time and submitted it only to find a few mistakes the next day. I rang NYP to ask if I could withdraw it. They took my name and number and never got back to me.
  14. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    May be the case? Kind of giving up anyway in this one as I knew there was some bad puncuatuon etc with my app. He is in Durham.but him mate applied for NYP.
  15. Recruitment in the North East/advice

    Simno44 Hi mate, still the same. Still says "has been shortlisted" etc so nothing new. My brother in law who is in Durham says one of his pals got confirmation he had passed the paper sift a week or so ago. How true that is is anyone guess? I also know a special who is in NYP and she says that all the lads etc from NYP are also still waiting to hear back? My bro in law does talk alot of crap and he is already in the job!