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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Pretty sure the intakes are quarterly, so next one would be June.
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Was there any need, really? I am sure this is a forum fpr general advice. Bmi is clearly.part of the medical process amd as for.doimg my research I did!!!! And I am sure anybody getting this far has aswell! My bmi has always been over 30 but managed Marathons etc.... Sorry if my concern is a problem to yourelf!
  3. What if you can't attend on date given

    Hey. When I first applied I was given a date for my set/fitness.(i was leaving the army amd had a course booked).. so I phoned them up and they offered me another date 2 weeks later. Then.... I fell of the assault course and was injured so again I rang them and they offered me another one this time a month later. However I was told that I needed to attend this time as they couldnt put it back again. They want people that want to be there but they will be fine. You just need to ring and explain. Good luck
  4. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it is to late for get anywhere near a 30 bmi. I only have 2 weeks and best outcome I may get to 31. It seems no matter where I look, I find different answers.... some being a 31 bmi and failing then a 34 bmi who passes? Guess it all comes down to which doctor you get. Does anyone know how soon you find out if you pass or fail the medical? Hey buddy, I really which I was 30.3, good luck. Yeah it would be really good if you could get an idea on wednesday and get it on here. Cheers
  5. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Medical 2 weeks tomorrow. Current BMI 32. For the last few weeks I have been boxing and running 5 mile a day and for no weight loss. So, its disheartening. I have read both side of other people experience and know it can go either way. I am naturally a big lad, can run over 10 on bleep test and was fit enough to soldier for 7 year. I just cant seem to shift the weight. All I really want to know, and I am preparing for a failure because of my weigh is what happens after that? How long are deferals? Cheers guys
  6. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, yeah I think thinks will depend on where you're going. I'm north east and have medical and uniform fitting same day in december.
  7. Vetting

    Hey Chalky. Thanks for your input. I did contact recruitment. I was told that as it has already been highlighted and there was no rejection at the time of application then I will probably be ok. But they were only assuming and made it clear that they did not make the vetting decision. He also said it all depended on the seriousness off it, the circumstamces et etc. It wasnt a shot gun etc. I am a little happier now but this wait is a nightmare haha. Thanks👍
  8. Vetting

    Hi all, I am pleased to say I am at the medical/vetting stage of the process, which is not doing my heart much good🙊.... but I bet we have all.been there. Ok, I have one caution and only adverse dealing with the Police nearly 10 years ago in England. I was 21 year old and sitting up at my local welfare when I was in company with another 4 or 5 boys. One of the lads had an air rifle and it was being passed around the group. Long story short, I was the one who had the rifle in my hands when the officer appeared. It was taking off me and later returned to my parents house. I received a warning. So...... I have just read online about vetting and there are many things that can fail an application autimatically and fire arms offences was one of them! So a totally sickening thought for myself. I first applied in November 16 and before I had my Set/fit I had a phone call from vetting asking my to confirm my age. (On vet form I put I was 18 but was actually 21). As it was that long ago I could not remember but it was declared. I later failed AC then had that 6 month wait. I then reapplied in Sep and passed AC a few weeks back. Its making me sick to think I may fail it. Logic tells me that if they were gonna reject my application then they would have done so from the start. Any advice please or am I just worrying over nothing? Cheers
  9. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey, thanks for that. Yeah I dont think its possible now for a march start. I would love that though. Just have to be patient.😐
  10. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey Mark. I had mine 8th November. They were talking about March but really not sure how long all this takes. I have medical/uniform fitting on 18th dec and they have started the references as you will have read. Not sure whats worse, the total recruitment process or the waiting for the vetting/references etc haha
  11. Last 12 months in the armed forces

    Hey mate. You can work during your terminal leave. I did. I was in Army. Yoi should maybe phone recruitment amd ask them when to apply. I did and was told to wait off until 4 months before discharge. May be different in your chosen division.
  12. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Not sure yet. They said they are looking at March. I received an email today sayimg they were sending out refernces checks to my previous employers etc. Which is worrying me slighty too. I am currently a joiner and went to work for a firm and only lasted 3 weeks (because the boss was a very bad one). Now I have exemplary military record and a good history within the building trade... all of my employers would speak highly of me as they have always welcomed me back if I ever needed to. However this one guy, I dont trust him. I was never later for work or anything I just could not work for him. I did sent recruitment a email about why I left etc explaining in alot of detail what happened. Hope this doesnt go against me. Anyone know what PS ask when the request a reference from a previous employer? Tia
  13. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Yeah its not a fair way to do it but as some people have said they have to draw the line somewhere. I have always been a big lad and just hope I get in. I served 7 years in the Army and was fit enough for everything the put us through there. Judging by tge comments it could go either way😕
  14. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Ok thanks for that. That is worrying for me then. Will have to work real hard. Cheers Yeah I have spoke to the main recruutment and they said they couldnt tell me as each doctor is different. Cheers. While im here does anyone have an idea on how long vetting takes please? Tia
  15. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Thanks for that. How fit were you on bleep test? How long were you defered for of you dont mind me asking?Cheers TB