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  1. Fitness test Query

    thanks for the replies, its just the BMI and fitness that I'm worried about really, the sets assessment centre I'm comfortable with, im out running, doing the bleep test every few days just to get timings but confident I can do it
  2. Fitness test Query

    Afternoon All I'm an just about to apply for police Scotland (just the push of a button required) However I am nervous about my fitness and how quick they will do it, I know the level has dropped to 5.4 but I want make sure I can do this I've read that If I failed on the first attempt you get three more chances to pass, Is this correct and if so how long between chances do you get I.E 1 hour - 1 week-2 weeks etc I broke my leg and dislocated my ankle last June so been shedding the weight and still a bit to go to hit the BMI standard Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated Thanks M
  3. Introduction

    Hi Niki Good luck I have started my application but not ready to apply but would be keen to chat and see how you completed the application and vetting form, it's probably stupid questions I'm looking to apply for Aberdeen and the shire Thanks M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Career Change

    Evening I am looking at a career change and would like to join Police Scotland, I almost applied to Grampian Police when i was younger but decided against it at the time (which i regret) Currently working in oil and gas but would love to join the police and actually make a difference in the community and help people I have timescale in mind as i have some debt i want to clear and also to get myself fit, i broke my leg and dislocated my ankle last summer and had a couple operations to plate and screw the break, so i need to push myself to lose the weight after a long recovery Reading through the recruitment section of the police scotland website there are quite a few queries i have regarding the selection process and would find it beneficial if i could talk to someone or visit and ask some questions Once i have some more information i would then be keen to glean as much information from the forum as possible Martin