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  1. lol stay late one night and come join us woody, we do have a laugh! although we should be moving into our place this week so dunno when ill be in the social yet!
  2. Tim, no more cheeky Vimto's for you my friend! Until Monday that is, bring on another killer darts competition!
  3. Good luck hope it goes well for you! I'm going to Colchester for my PDU in 5 weeks, quite nervous lol!
  4. cheers mate. im going to meet up with dave and h later on for some dinner and try to sort something out but if it comes to it you may well get a knock on your door lol! i'll pm you my number, drop me a text or something so i got yours :)
  5. good to meet you mate, hope things are going well for you! our flat fell through last night at the last minute so we are homeless now :evil: going to go up tomorrow night, try to stay in someones room and see if i can extend my accomodation for a bit longer first thing monday morning
  6. accomodation is basic im afraid, main luxury is an iron and board. canteen is open for breakfast and lunch but not dinner so you need to go off site for that. there is a bar onsite with cheap booze, pool table and darts board, you'll usually find a few of us in there, otherwise there is a tv room next to the canteen. i'll be heading down tomorrow night as well so maybe see you there.
  7. yeah martin's been filling me in on the defensive skills and bits. we did our practical house arrest last week and have diversity training next week (urgh).
  8. Yeah, I'd say the caution was correct. The way I understand it (and I could well be wrong), a Caution is given whenever a person is "suspected" of committing an offence and further question is required. Therefore, the receptionist would have Cautioned you to make any further comments "on the record". Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong (I'm only 4 weeks into my training), but this is as I understand it.
  9. You will all love it I promise! I'm staying in the accomadation this week and moving into my place at the end of the week so I'll see those of you staying in the halls no doubt. I know its very easy to say, but relax, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you get guided through everything and everybody is great! Just get your ironing practice in and your alert heads on and nothing can go wrong. And geminilady, I've still got to say hi to you when I see you lol! Martin (Fuldude) pointed you out when I started but been too swamped to come over. Enjoy the long weekend, and see you all Tuesday!
  10. excellent! how did you contact them, by telephone? Does anybody know if they have an email address at all? I find it hard to get access to use the phone during my current work hours. If they don't have an email addy I'll have to nip out and try to contact them.
  11. I originally went for BTP due to the fact that I spent a lot of time travelling up and down on the railways for school and college (went to school in st albans) and used to spend a lot of time in the London area as well. Used to see a lot of BTP officers about, as well as my fair share of trouble on the railway areas (and i remember how uncomfortable it made me as a commuter). When I first applied I decided on BTP as I thought it would be a bit different from the norm. Now, however, I'm wondering whether BTP will be lively enough for the projected career I'm after. Also, it would be nice to work somewhere a little closer to home. Although BTP is only a train journey away, it would still add time to the working day, whereas most of the Herts stations are a short car ride away for me.
  12. Hi does anybody know if Herts are currently accepting application transfers? I'm currently awaiting a start date with BTP (well have been for going on 14 months now!) and am looking to maybe move my application to somewhere closer to home (i'm from Luton). I'd prefer Herts over Beds but i'm unsure whether they will accept it as on the website it states that recruitment for them is closed. Does anybody have any information before I try to contact them?