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  1. Essex start 10th April

    lol stay late one night and come join us woody, we do have a laugh! although we should be moving into our place this week so dunno when ill be in the social yet!
  2. Essex start 10th April

    Tim, no more cheeky Vimto's for you my friend! Until Monday that is, bring on another killer darts competition!
  3. Essex start 10th April

    Good luck hope it goes well for you! I'm going to Colchester for my PDU in 5 weeks, quite nervous lol!
  4. Essex start 10th April

    cheers mate. im going to meet up with dave and h later on for some dinner and try to sort something out but if it comes to it you may well get a knock on your door lol! i'll pm you my number, drop me a text or something so i got yours :)
  5. Essex start 10th April

    good to meet you mate, hope things are going well for you! our flat fell through last night at the last minute so we are homeless now :evil: going to go up tomorrow night, try to stay in someones room and see if i can extend my accomodation for a bit longer first thing monday morning
  6. Essex start 10th April

    accomodation is basic im afraid, main luxury is an iron and board. canteen is open for breakfast and lunch but not dinner so you need to go off site for that. there is a bar onsite with cheap booze, pool table and darts board, you'll usually find a few of us in there, otherwise there is a tv room next to the canteen. i'll be heading down tomorrow night as well so maybe see you there.
  7. Essex start 10th April

    yeah martin's been filling me in on the defensive skills and bits. we did our practical house arrest last week and have diversity training next week (urgh).
  8. Yeah, I'd say the caution was correct. The way I understand it (and I could well be wrong), a Caution is given whenever a person is "suspected" of committing an offence and further question is required. Therefore, the receptionist would have Cautioned you to make any further comments "on the record". Please somebody correct me if I'm wrong (I'm only 4 weeks into my training), but this is as I understand it.
  9. Essex start 10th April

    You will all love it I promise! I'm staying in the accomadation this week and moving into my place at the end of the week so I'll see those of you staying in the halls no doubt. I know its very easy to say, but relax, there is absolutely nothing to worry about, you get guided through everything and everybody is great! Just get your ironing practice in and your alert heads on and nothing can go wrong. And geminilady, I've still got to say hi to you when I see you lol! Martin (Fuldude) pointed you out when I started but been too swamped to come over. Enjoy the long weekend, and see you all Tuesday!
  10. Essex

    ello there chimpo! well i made my thoughts clear on the other forum to you, i think a move (if doable) is well worth it. i'm going to be moving over to essex as well which is a big step but i just can't wait for btp any longer
  11. BMI

    I'm just on the lower limit of the BMI. I'm 6'4 and weight about 11.5 stone. The nurse last tuesday at my medical just said they will want to fatten me up a bit when I'm in lol. Eating like a pig now but the weight just doesn't want to go on!
  12. Anyone else starting on 12 Feb intake?

    well i already passed everything with BTP including fitness and medical and i transferred my application. got my fitness on sat and dunno about my medical yet, need to fill in all the medical info forms again and get it signed by my gp. they said i could start in marhc providing everything goes ok but i'm not holding my breath for it yet :)
  13. Anyone else starting on 12 Feb intake?

    i have my fitness with essex on saturday as well! god knows when a start date will be though
  14. Hi guys, has anyone here transferred to Essex during the application stage? Currently I'm awaiting a start date with another force and am seriously considering the move. If anybody has done it I'd be interested to hear how smooth it was and also whether they had to redo anything like medical or fitness with Essex. Also, do they hold a final interview at all? I know contacting recruitment would be my best bet but while I'm at work I thought I'd ask on here first