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  1. CKP Revision for Exam

    You're a legend! Cheers mate.
  2. CKP Revision for Exam

    Hey guys, I'm in a bit of a pickle. I've just been accepted to go into a force where I need to sit an exam based on the CKP. All good so far. The only problem is that I got my CKP from going through the full recruitment of another force i.e. when I completed police training at said school they issued you with a CKP certificate. That's also lovely and made it possible for me to apply elsewhere. Now, this is my specific problem: Throughout training school we obviously learnt everything that we needed to go out onto the streets not just the CKP so I don't know where the CKP modules started and the other law finished. I hope I'm making sense here! This is making it extremely difficult to know what I have to learn for this CKP test as looking over my old notes I don't know if it is CKP specific or not. I have looked online to see the 10 CKP modules but all I can find is the module names and not the content (unsurprisingly due to them wanting you to pay them for the privilege of that knowledge). So here are my questions (please feel free to give me any information not relating to the questions too!): 1) Did you learn law in your CKP exam, e.g. theft act and the defences? 2) What did you learn in your CKP? e.g. Custody procedures ect... I realise my second question kind of epitomises my whole post. Thanks for any help in advance guys.
  3. Introduction

    Hey Tox, I was wondering if I could ask you a personal question? I'm in the process of recruitment with Herts (just waiting for my contract) and wanted to know if you could tell me how much pay you got each month after Tax, NI and pension? I realise its a personal question so please don't feel obliged to answer! Thanks
  4. Hertfordshire don't Ministry of Defence Police don't either
  5. Induction

    Hey guys, I've just started the recruitment process for Herts and wanted to know where everyone else is at.