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  1. Police dog- sorry to hear that, I've had my two strikes and going for my third, I wouldn't let it discourage you but each to their own, good luck anyway.
  2. Yeah I do I had one in February I believe 3 people interviewed me again I just needed to expand on answers.
  3. Yeah I know what you mean thanks I think I'm confident about how to deal with the role plays it's the interview that bothers me.
  4. I don't blame you worrying but I'm sure you both did well, just curious was the role play scenarios different (I know you can't tell me specifics).
  5. Any idea why some were postponed?
  6. Sounds like they're moving everything swiftly
  7. Ah right if I pass the assessment centre then I'll be sure to get in touch again for the feedback, cheers mate.
  8. Wow well done aw1989 thats great news Just out of curiosity what feedback did you get? I didnt receive mine, they left a voicemail saying they would ring but they haven't so I emailed them but had no luck, this was some time ago.
  9. I believe each force is different so I'd contact hr, I've been there myself it's harsh but you can only learn from it. Good luck ".
  10. My last name is young so alphabet could be a part, I'm 22. So either theory could work but never know, well done btw chalky
  11. Not too long then and yeah they just said Spring 2017 and that they'd send another letter when the dates finalised
  12. Cheers and we'll done to you too! I'm a bit disappointed that I have to wait till spring but at the same time happy as I can prepare effectively for months! Did they tell you when the date is for yours?
  13. I got my letter this morning. I've passed the paper sift stage and have been placed on the Spring 2017 assessment centre, I'm guessing they're doing two to help stagger the 160.
  14. Not sure if the 800 was filled actually, It stated they'd remove the vacancy post at the closing date or when 800 applications whichever was first, pretty sure they didn't take it down until the closing date, which is a big surprise to me. But thanks for the update.
  15. No I even emailed hr about feedback that I'm still waiting to get and nothing. But I'm guessing four weeks from the 22nd of July so about another two weeks or so. They'll be incredibly busy so guess patience is key.