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  1. Yeah this is my 2 bite at final interview. Thanks for your advice I want to stay local sort of so will look at north east/Yorkshire will get my feedback first before acting. Thanks again and good luck to everyone!
  2. I have not got feedback yet I'm sure she did say about receiving feedback within the letter but I haven't, I can't get it until the 27th.
  3. Well I failed my final interview again, waited so many months it's crushed me a little. Anyone have any advice can I transfer with another force or do I need to wait another 6 months?
  4. Thanks for the reply chalky had mine Friday but still. Yeah I guess I'll find out soon enough well done anyway!
  5. When was your interview chalky? Taking it as I have not been successful as I have neither an email (or letter).
  6. Of course you have time, you just need to keep training, the test itself isn't difficult but if you haven't ran in years it's probably best to start now. Perhaps do progressive runs so you are running further each day (slightly), to build up your stamina. Perhaps once a week or even twice attempt a bleep test to your best effort. You can easily do it, especially if you really want this job.
  7. Ah good luck just be confident and don't rush your answers. Let me know how it goes mate!
  8. Thanks for sharing that information it's some great advice!
  9. Did you get the result you were hoping for? If so when's your final interview date?
  10. It may be I was training for the raf and that was 20 I assumed it would be the same but perhaps not. 15 or 20, everyone should be fine.
  11. All depends really but anything from 10 days to four weeks, I did mine on the 18th with Durham and got mine back on the 28th. Though I reckon that was incredibly quick. Two to four weeks is likely, good luck!
  12. If you want to practise it all you need is some cones or posts and a measuring tape for 20 metres and you can listen to the test on YouTube. If you fail keep practising, I'm sure you can do it, 5.4 is a breeze without being disrespectful to anyone.
  13. Yes chalky I did, well done mate I got 61% you pipped me haha.
  14. Does anyone who has recently attended a final interview have any useful tips? Would be very grateful.
  15. Yeah I too thought I did better than last times especially on the dreaded role plays. Can only do our best let's hope for a good result, with final interviews starting the 8th it's a quick turnaround.