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  1. 1st day of training

    Hello Gabby I’m still in my training, 6 weeks in but loving it. I’m with Durham so not sure if it will be the same but as for myself first day/week is just an adjustment period getting introduced to your cohort, lots of introductions, full of talks from various people/organisations but I did get the timetable on the first day, which gives the content week to week so you have a good idea what you’ll be doing. We were told that if we had a particular location for station in mind then to let them know, and if you’re uncomfortable with were they do post you to let them know and they’ll try their best to accommodate. I was given the info on my station in the 3rd week I believe. So so far we’ve been told a lot on various categories. So currently we’re doing traffic, we’ve done stop search, powers of arrest, personal saftery training(very fun), crime scene just to name a few. Throughout we’ve been given various role plays to deal with. Not sure if it’ll be the same but gives you an idea of what’s to come hopefully. Overall just enjoy it, everyone’s in the same boat and nervous so don’t worry :)
  2. Training-uniform question

    Good evening people, I have my start date on Coming up soon I will be attending HQ in order to get my photograph for my ID card. I have just re-read my letters and it states to arrive in uniform, I’m going to assume that this is the boots,trousers, t shirt and jacket and not the stab vest. Probably a stupid question but hey ho, assurance would be great.
  3. Fitness test Query

    Thanks chalky! I’m not worried about 5.4 I’m just very competitive haha
  4. Fitness test Query

    Hi chalky when you did yours did you stop at 5.4 with Durham or is it until failure? I know each force is different.
  5. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Thanks mate and yeah now just a waiting game!
  6. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Oh yeah don't get me wrong I'm buzzing for it just saving the excitement for when I pass all the vetting and medical.
  7. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Yeah start date of march so gives me time to get back in shape haha
  8. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Thanks for the advice mate had my interview on Wednesday and found out Friday I'd passed! Over the moon to say the least.
  9. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Thanks very much it's much appreciated!
  10. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Thank you! Anyone who's passed an interview got any advice? would be much appreciated.
  11. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Thanks mate!
  12. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Heard today I've got a final interview this month, third times the charm I hope.
  13. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Thanks for that appreciate the info, I'm guessing they contacted HR directly to find that out.
  14. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    I have passed twice for a sift with Durham and everytime I have heard it's been by post but they may change proceedings.
  15. Durham or Cleveland PC Recruitment

    Has anyone heard anything? Been a few weeks.