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  1. Question

    Hi everyone If i fil at my final interview next week , ( I pray i don't ) but if i do !! Can i still transfer my pass score to another force that does not require a final interview and if so do i go straight to vetting and fitness ? Thanks
  2. final interview

    gone downhill this place lol , not 1 reply
  3. Help please !

    its a power point presentation
  4. Help please !

    What do you think are the major issues facing the Police and what contribution will you personally make as a police constable to assist in overcoming them? I have chosen the topic of PUBLIC REASSURANCE Can anyone help me with this please Appreciate it
  5. final interview

    Can someone on here contact me regarding a final interview i have on 12th , Im not looking for someone to do the work for me but to cast an eye over the power point presentation and give me some pointers if they feel its no good or too much , Ive wanted this for so long and I'm so close to it i can taste it I don't want to fail this late into the process Im ideally looking for someone who has done the final interview and failed or passed and done the power point interview Thanks you
  6. Failed assessment at 54%

    so its 100% a fail ? No PCSO in my area ;-(
  7. Failed assessment at 54%

    Back on a low :( :( :( :( :(
  8. Failed assessment at 54%

    That changes it all then. You failed overall as you didn't get at least 44% on written I'm guessing. You need minimum of 50% overall and 44% written to pass the search assessment. So i have failed ?
  9. Failed assessment at 54%

    yes i had an overall score of 54% Overall 54% Working with Others 52% Oral Communication 100% Required Written Communication competence evidenced No Automatic Fail No Written Communication Required competence evidenced: • No Category of Written Communication evidence: • College of Policing's Statement Taking and Incident Summary sat during assessment centre If you have sat the College of Policing’s written exercises you will need to achieve a minimum of 50% overall and your scores will be given below. If you have not sat these exercises, this will read ‘N/A’ • Statement Taking 21 / 62 • Incident Summary 26 / 53 • Overall percentage obtained for Written Communication 41%
  10. Failed assessment at 54%

    you don't think the force will open up recruitment again this year ? Im really confused what to do now , also confused about the whole transferring of scores , Can i transfer my 54% to another force even tho I've failed at Gwent ? Can i do it now or do i have to wait until September ( thats 6 months from my assessment that i failed to get the required 60% ) CONFUSED.COM
  11. Failed assessment centre

    so you can't reapply even an application form until you have had the rejection email which is approx 2 weeks after the assessment centre date ?
  12. Failed assessment at 54%

    So as i passed the national pass mark ( over 50% ) but not enough to get into my local force when can i reapply ? As i didn't fail the assessment as to speak do i still have to wait the 6 months ?
  13. Failed assessment at 54%

    Ive decided to just wait the 6 months out and then hopefully smash it next time and get in where i want Thanks everyone who replied
  14. Failed assessment at 54%

    Thanks for that BOSS How do you check what forces ? Just go through them all ? I'm willing to join anywhere to get in , it's all I've ever wanted for a long time Thanks pal
  15. Failed assessment at 54%

    I'm from Caerphilly , under Gwent force So I can't transfer my score until after the 6 months ?