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  1. Armed Infrastructure Police

    Umm... I'm surprised you're asking. Don't YOU know?
  2. Armed Infrastructure Police

    Believe it when you see it! Merging these organisations is deceptively complex and whilst the overal concept appears sound, the end result needs to meet the aspirations of a much varied customer base. No matter what the new Force is called, it will still need to deliver highly specialised policing and security services in a range of divergent environments. Simply joining these varied organisations doesn't change that. These environments in themselves are hugely challenging and the costs associated with delivering a policing effect will continue to be high - no matter what model is chosen. Don't get me wrong; I for one would like to be part of a wide ranging National Force with increased opportunities to do different things throughout the country. However, I suspect for the large part Officers will remain serving within the environment(s) they're already currently trained and equipped to do so. Where savings and efficiencies could be realised is within a combined support, (common) training and Command infrastructure - which would be logical for a National Force; albeit with a mandate to deliver a multi-faceted end product. As I pointed out in a previous post; it's the numerous funding lines that will first need to be untangled before any meaningful progress can be made.
  3. Armed Infrastructure Police

    An MDP/CNC merger has been doing the rounds for the last 20 odd years that I can remember and always gets kicked in to the long grass everytime it rears its head. What was interesting with this most recent attempt was inclusion of airports, BTP and HETOS. I'm not surprised that airports and HETOS appeared to drop out of the equation fairly early on and the inclusion of BTP was always a little suspect in my view. The railway is a deceptively complex operating environment which does require specific skills, knowledge and operational capabilities. In short, it would always remain a unique working environment and closely tied to the railway industry it generally serves - so arguably less suited to a tripartite merger with MDP/CNC. So we're back to looking at closer links between MDP and CNC. On the face of it, both do the same job in similar operational environments. The main problems obstructing any meaningful bringing togetherness will be the the different funding lines. The MDP is a (very) small bit of a huge and unwieldy MOD beast and outside of the few MOD departments, locations and Teams that work directly with the MDP; there's by and large little or no interest in the Force. And it shows. CNC in some respects is largely in the same boat but I suspect their funding stream is more realistic and better suited to the end results desired by their customer(s). It's possibly a more efficient body with less fuzziness of Command or a propensity to use 'smoke and mirrors' to achieve customer tastings. I believe it's workforce is younger and on the face of it, largely located in parts of the country where a decent work-life balance is achievable on the salaries being offered. (My observations from the outside, looking in). Deep down, I suspect the MDP and CNC have little in common other than radiation.
  4. SC and DV

    And GCHQ (Cheltenham)
  5. NEOF

    Keep an eye out for NEOF opportunities and give the Recruiting Departmend a ring every now and then to get an update. On the whole, NEOFs are a 'good bet' for the MDP because they tend to stay once transferred (a high proportion of raw recruits leave) and of course NEOF's arrive with lots of useful skills and knowledge. It would be reasonable to assume that opportunities will be available at Portsmouth for the foreseeable future as preparations for the arrival of the QEC carriers ramp up. As far as I'm aware, they do have ASV and there's the Marine Unit of course.
  6. Diploma in Ministry of Defence Policing

    Take it up formally with your Line Manager. They probably won't know the answer but it's their job to sort stuff like this out and will either find out for you or direct you to a suitable individual who will know the answer. You won't be the only one asking this specific question.
  7. DV query.

    Despite the posts above, people DO fail DV from time to time and the reasons can be varied. Without a DV you won't be sent to AWE or allowed to join certain units that require DV clearance. It has been known for people to arrive at AWE with SC and they'll only be allowed to do a very limited range of duties. However, these people are usually just waiting for their DV to be confirmed.