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  1. Application timescale

    Nope the final interview has only just been introduced as far as I know.
  2. Well the postman has finally delivered the news I have been waiting for so who else got post today for the November course and where you getting posted?
  3. Application timescale

    Application sent 5/2/2015 SEARCH centre 12/10/15 Medical 20/5/16 Contract received 28/9/16 for starting in November 2016. Over the moon that its actually going to happen soon now.Been a long process and can't thank recruitment enough as they have been very helpful every step of the way.Now to get boot shopping.
  4. Current Climate

    Yes we know which stations are to close but until a public announcement is made MDPREC is right to say that the subject is too sensitive to discuss here. I can appreciate you may wish to know as you might have an interest in a posting to set locations but you will be told where the current vacancies are when/ if you apply. I would caution anyone to accept a location they are not to happy with and have the allusion that once in they can get a posting closer to home in a year or two. These days such things almost never happen, i know people who have waited 5-6 years to get a post nearer home and not made it so have left the job.As for the budget reduction, info already in the public domain, this has nothing to do with the possible Infrastructure Police and everything to do with SDSR15. Whilst the defence review was good news for the military it was bad news for the civil service, 30% reduction by 2020. Some two thirds of the cut had already been planned (the withdrawals from Germany accounting for some of it) but that still left approx 10% to be found from the remaining departments. Understand that thought I might just have missed the public announcement but shall wait and see thanks. Yip aware of this but will be relocating to which ever base I get with the aim of staying there and progressing if possible.Just need to wait and see.
  5. New Member.

    Yip I'm the same.Stay 20mins south of Glasgow but happy to go to any of the other Scottish sites just to get moving forward and would need to relocate closer to the Clyde so no real difference. Been 18 months so far for me but hopefully I'm just waiting on a course starting now as everything else is complete.
  6. Current Climate

    Any idea what stations are to be closed?Wonder if the staff will be offered moves or what will happen. Could be getting ready for a merger but only time will tell.
  7. New Member.

    You might have along wait for the Clyde group because there's a waiting list of people wanting to go there.If possible think about the posts at St fergus,vulcan or garlogie as more of a chance of getting in quicker in these posts.
  8. 12th September Course

    I can't really comment on the way posts are applied for since I'm only at the application process (nearly at the end of it hopefully)but in my circumstances I have no ties and would actually be happy to move anywhere preferably Scotland. I have been stuck in the same job for 14 years and have no chance of any career progression and have very little academic qualifications to help me also im on minimum wage and always will be within my current work sector. I have very little interest in HO policing as don't want to spend my days dealing with the paperwork and hassel from drunks and other criminals. So for me MDP has many bonuses and looks to be something that I can progress and enjoy in. The above is my own views and I can understand how hard it must be for the people with families and can't get closer to them or are stuck at a base miles from home.
  9. 12th September Course

    Well done to everyone who's on the course.Nothing here so will wait and see what happens. Now the time to start getting organised can start for you all.Did you all get the bases you wanted?
  10. 12th September Course

    Nope no news yet but guessing it will be next week when we hear.
  11. St Fergus,vulcan And Garlogie.

    Not sure if the process is still the same but after passing the search centre they emailed me with a list of bases and asked for me to number which I prefer but you have to be willing to go to any site within the UK.
  12. 12th September Course

    I know the feeling the waiting is so bad.As far as I know they are waiting to make sure the course is definitely going ahead and I was told it would be mid July so guessing next week hopefully. Been along wait so hope im on this course.
  13. St Fergus,vulcan And Garlogie.

    I put down both on the application then further through the process you will get another chance to order your preferences if its still the same process.
  14. Application timescale

    Good luck with your application. Flight into stanstead then taxi to the base all of which they cover in travel expenses. I had to do the same from south west Scotland.
  15. Having spoken with recruitment and seen the new application details on the website it would appear they are needing officers to go to these 3 sites.Why does no one want to be based there other than the location? Any officers based at any of these locations able to offer an insight into what life is really like at them? Can you still speacilise at these sights as ideally I'm looking at progressing to a dog handler if possible? So do these sites have dog handlers on site? I have put my name forward for any of them as they really interest me and being a very outdoors person the locations really appeals to me.Not to mention the house prices look really good compared to all the southern sights. Cheers