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  1. Cheshire Current Intake

    I didn't hear anything to let me know that I'd passed the pre-employment checks or vetting, the only email I got after booking the medical was the one with my start date so don't worry about not having heard ☺️ There's not really a lot to do now, just refreshing my knowledge ready!
  2. Cheshire Current Intake

    thanks :) at least you know though that as soon at the vetting clears then yours is all done! and January isn't too far away so you'll be joining us soon!!
  3. Cheshire Current Intake

    Thanks guys! Has anyone else heard yet??? Hahaha we'll keep you updated Ollz ☺️
  4. Cheshire Current Intake

    Holy crap I've got the email
  5. Cheshire Current Intake

    The email I got for the conditional offer was at 16:30 so maybe it'll be around that time again!!
  6. Cheshire Current Intake

    I think they'll do it last minute so that if anyone rings after the emails then they won't have to answer 😂😂☺️
  7. Cheshire Current Intake

    Hahahaha I agree I'm really struggling in work today 😩
  8. Cheshire Current Intake

    Fingers crossed for everyone ☺️☺️☺️
  9. Cheshire Current Intake

    I've also done the same!! ☺️☺️
  10. Cheshire Current Intake

    I have a feeling that because of my references mines going to be delayed 😩 fingers crossed for us all, let's just say rip to our phone batteries now 😂
  11. Cheshire Current Intake

    Thank you☺️ They have all been sent off now apart from one which I've been told will definitely be there by the end of the day!
  12. Cheshire Current Intake

    2 have been returned already, and the others will all be getting sent off tomorrow but I'll be calling them up as well to make sure! It's getting a bit close now isn't it, I'm always so anxious now 😂
  13. Cheshire Current Intake

    It's finally being sorted out 😁😁 the only way to get something done I've found is to literally hound them
  14. Cheshire Current Intake

    Yeah they are! I'm going to have to call again in the morning 🙈 Thank you, I really hope so too!
  15. Cheshire Current Intake

    The problem is that my references haven't got a reference to fill out, I've spoken to them all and they will all do it as soon as the actually receive the reference request! I spoke to someone in Recruitment today and she said that it's a bit odd that none of my outstanding ones have received it and she's said that she'll resend them all but I've just called them all again and none of them have received it still, it's so frustrating I have no idea where I'm at with it