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  1. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hey all I passed by initial interview on Wednesday and have my A/C on the 29th of June. I'm just wondering what to expect from the day I have a general Idea but if there is any advise anyone can give that would help allot. I also want to get a feel for the kind of questions that get asked during the interview for partnership working communication and leadership and if the interview follows the same format as the first. Thanks
  2. Police Scotland Recruitment

    Hi all Got My Initial Interview in 2 weeks time, I have started to prepare my examples and have begun my research for the Job Knowledge aspect. Do any of you have any useful tips for preparation or anything else I sould be considering? Thank you.
  3. Hey got my initial interview in a few weeks time at Jackton, I have started preparing examples for the competencies and researching information on Job Knowledge and diversity. Anyone who has recently passed this stage got any advise on what else I should do and about the interview itself? Anything would be helpful thanks!