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  1. CKP Exam Only

    Hey, I don't know the answer but just wanted to say, the course I did through enlighten training had several assessments and then a two final exams that had to be done in person and under exam conditions. The final exam could cover anything mentioned in any of the previous units and you were required to pass all the assessments as well as the final two exams.
  2. Advice needed please

    Sorry to jump on the thread but the force that did this was Cheshire. I was also merely waiting for a start date but they dropped two intakes out of three at the beginning of March. Very disappointing when nothing in the notes when applying mentions you being dropped even if you pass EVERYTHING. I thought forces just kept basically a waiting list - for example looking at FOI requests to west Mercia, they've had a few hundred people waiting for start dates for months or even well over a year.
  3. Advice/Info Required !!

    Just so you know, my information comes from my assessment centre results document. I'm pretty certain in England at least, that you need a overall SEARCH pass and failing written in the assessment centre means that you have failed it overall.
  4. Advice/Info Required !!

    Nothing to disappoint me - just letting you know the information I've been provided. I could well be wrong but from my notes that's the impression I've been given.
  5. Advice/Info Required !!

    Hey Im sorry to disappoint you but I'm pretty sure the pass mark for the written part of the assessment centre is 50% looking back through my report which is set by the college of policing - no force can overrule that requirement for the written part. You're overall score of 55% will not be taken into account if you have not passed the required parts of the assessment centre Im sorry to be the bearer of bad news George
  6. 6 month time limit only applies if you've failed the assessment centre as far as I'm aware. As for the assessment centre result, I contacted Cheshire recruitment and they confirmed if a year goes by since you've passed the assessment centre, you have to redo it so I'm praying for intake before June. (Fingers crossed for March)
  7. Question

    Yes you can transfer your assessment centre score so long as you meet the minimum pass mark required by the force you're applying to and it isn't more than 12 months since you attended the assessment centre (although I believe this is at the discretion of the force and I think I may've seen before a force allowed pass marks that were up to 2 years old).
  8. final interview

    The problem is your presentation should all be from you as the police want to know about you and what your views and opinions are and how well knowledged you are which is why some people may be reluctant to help with something that you're supposed to do yourself.
  9. Help please !

    s7eed has given very good advice but like he says you need to research. A good source is usually a police forces website. You can usually discover their current operations which is indicative of what they're tackling at the moment or again if you're visiting the police station you could actually ask there.
  10. Any Parents That Have Or Are Thinking Of Applying

    Hey, I'm a father of two and awaiting (hopefully) a final offer of employment from Cheshire Police. Now I may be wrong in saying this and it may well be different for Scotland (I don't honestly know) but from what I've read is that residential training doesn't really happen now. To be honest I've held back from replying to this thread with the thought that someone else probably knows the facts so I too am a bit disappointed there's been no response. From what I've looked up, it's generally in force training so you work within your communities and learn the ways that your force operates. If I am wrong then I'm happy to be corrected and like I said, it may well be different for Scotland. I'm hoping that it isn't residential training personally but like you, the conversation has been had with my wife and we're willing and happy to work through whatever is required as in the long run it is going to be worth it. I'm sorry I can't shed any more light on the subject but hopefully someone can perhaps back up what I've said. Kind regards, George
  11. Assessment Results

    Hi PoliceDog, From what I've read, your assessment centre score is valid only for 12 months. George.
  12. Offensive Police Slurs

    Number 2 was always the reason I thought that police were often referred to as "coppers". I've never seen that term as offensive :S
  13. I would have thought children on the railway lines would require an immediate response from the Police/BTP by calling 999? Immediate threat to life and such. Just my thought but perhaps I'm wrong? George.
  14. Hello

    My name's George and I'm looking to hopefully join West Mercia Police in the future. Just waiting for their next recruitment drive to begin. I'm 28 and happily married with twin daughters.