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  1. Assessment centre preparation courses

    I would take bluelight over talking blues all day of the week. Yeah its a trek to Manchester from North East but worth it if you pass
  2. Are the books worth it?

    I personally found the book to be awful but I know people how have used to pass both AC and final interview. Blue light Consultancy is great and Brendan knows what he is talking about and a money back guarantee if don't get 50%. Whatever you do, do not go in and be yourself or you will fail miserably. Prep is key for the AC and you will pass with flying colours. Its just a game at the end of the day.
  3. Appealing My Deferral

    any news on your appeal mate?
  4. Appealing My Deferral

    Go for it mate, i had the same understanding that BMI didn't matter as long as you passed the bleep test and other parts if the medical. Good luck on the appeal and keep us posted
  5. Appealing My Deferral

    Sorry to hear that mate. I thought WYP didn't take into account BMI so that has come as a surprise to me. I personally would appeal as you have nothing too lose.
  6. Final Interview Help

    @rolvix cheers mate. Not many people get the reference. I have the crime commissiners report and also the PEEL report so I know what's the force priorities and where the current strengths and weaknesses sit. Been keeping a good eye on what they putting on Social media and the positive action work they have been doing. Anything else you thought was useful to read up on?
  7. Final Interview Help

    Cheers buddy. I have a couple if examples per competency and I think I have the content of my presentation finalised. Just gonna try to keep to keep relaxed and make sure I get all the information that's inside of my brain out. I am kinda weirdly loooking forward to it :o/
  8. Final Interview Help

    Sounds good. Care to share any tips about WYP final interview? Got mine in a couple of weeks and feel fairly prepared but you never know with these type of things!
  9. Final Interview Help

    Congarats mate, chuffed for you. Out of interest how are managing to have so many final interviews with other forces in such a short period of time?
  10. Wrongly accused. Starting training soon

    well done mate
  11. Final Interview Help

    Sorry to hear that mate and it must be really gutting but it sounds like they gave you some detailed feedback to work off. Out of interest, how many scenarios had you prepared in advance? I personally would have had 2 per competency.
  12. application query

    It depends on the force. I have seen some forces state that you can only have 1 police officer application at any one time with any UK police force. They don't go on to say BTP, CNC, MOD but its worth checking with the HO force in question via the recruitment dept. I know for a fact that West Yorkshire allow applications to non-home office forces when you apply to them. I am in the same boat, I have passed a BTP paper sift and also applied to WYP.
  13. Tips For Assessment Day

    its very different mate compared to the SEARCH process used in England an Wales. I would get on to the Police Scotland specific forum area and find out what is required. Wee done in getting to where you are!
  14. Final Interview Help

    Yes mate, if you a veering away from the STAR method then you are not going to be successful. WYP are quite clear on thats how they want your answers to be structured using STAR. Bluelight is excellent and Brendan gives away loads of free advice his YouTube channel and Facebook live videos.
  15. Interview - Addressing Interviewers

    As I civilian I would always use their name. Might be different I was a special