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  1. I passed first time for Lancashire and had no policing background. I felt being honest, not over thinking the question and using examples across the board of 'my life' worked. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bluey01 yes would I be waiting months or longer?
  3. So I have 6 weeks left of my 20 weeks training in Lancashire and then got my 10 week tutor phase.... 31 December sees my independent driving but I won't of done any driving by then...... When will I do it?
  4. Can take up to 12 weeks for vetting
  5. Andy this helps a lot thank you very much!!
  6. Hi Andy Thanks for the reply. No I am going in as a full time PC, not done the UCLAN course Zak
  7. Hi all, I start my initial training on Monday and have a few questions which I hope you can help me with: We have to arrive in business wear, what is common business wear? Can you be posted in your hometown? After the 12 weeks training you move onto tutor phase, what is this? What will the training consist of? Thanks in advance!
  8. I was honest with my boss and kept them informed at all stages I also put my resignation letter in before I got the job as my boss said I could withdraw it if need be!
  9. Thanks - it is Lancashire
  10. What does the 12 weeks training consist of?
  11. Yea never got to keep it and was told will get it first day
  12. If it doesn't tell you to bring a suitcase... you probably won't get it then. Arg no suitcase required so must just be fitting today then! Thanks
  13. Hi sammyB it is Lancashire.... Yes they said in the letter I should come in smart casual for the first day of training so it hints they won't be giving us any to take home
  14. Hi all, so I got the offer and start in June..... I have uniform fitting on Monday.... What does it involve? Do I have to try everything on. Will I get the kit there and then? Can you take kit home or does it stay at your station?
  15. Hi I have been through the Lancashire recruitment and this week awaiting to see if I have been offered a job..... But it's Friday and only half a day left........ Thinking the worse!