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  1. Staffordshire Police

    Gazgareth, why couldn't you get a transfer?
  2. Bedfordshire Pcs

    I have passed my final interview and currently under-going the pre-employment checks. I am relocating from the North for the job and therefore know absolutely nothing about the area. Is anyone else is the same position?
  3. Bedfordshire Police September Intake

    Hi, I have passed my assessment and final interview for Beds and I am just waiting for a start date. I am relocating from up north and do not really know anything about the area at all! I am concerned about the price of renting and would prefer to share with other police staff. As you all got in a year ago (based on the age of this thread) would you be able to offer any advice about moving to Beds? What is the force like to work for? I have heard good things but not spoken to any PCs about it. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi I also have my final interview for Beds very soon! As it's based on motivation and values I would look at ongoing campaigns the force have going and think about how your own work can help achieve their targets. That's how I am preparing anyway Best of luck!
  5. Final Interview Questions!

    All forces implement different types of final interview, some focus on purely competency based examples, some your motivation/values and some a mix of the two.
  6. Is it likely that the met will remove the residency criteria from their application process if they do not recruit enough from the London area? Wanting to apply but live up north so i'd be unable unless this rule was removed.
  7. Bedfordshire

    Looking at transferring my AC score to Bedfordshire What is the force like to work for? Also am I likely to be able to transfer away after probation if personal circumstances change with it being a small force?
  8. New member

    Hello! New member looking for recruitment advice