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  1. Transfer SEARCH Assesment Centre scores

    I understand exactly your frustration maybe email some other forces to see what they say .Its such a backwards way of doing it but thats the police for you! I had to redo the application however i had faith and made it through. All i can say is youve done once you can do again ! Just make sure you get someone to proof read your application . I read mine twice over and my partner still found silly mistakes in regards to spelling and grammar.
  2. Transfer SEARCH Assesment Centre scores

    From my personal experience if you sat you search with a home office service in the last 12 months you can transfer your search and shortlisting.with out having to redo your application but you may have to do any in house recruitment stuff . But im sure this will vary from force to force. For example I sat my search with the mod plod and have had to redo everthing but search again
  3. Transfer SEARCH Assesment Centre scores

    Yep you can transfer results .I have just transferred mine over to Hampshire .I believe Hampshire are taking them up to 2 years old . Also with the met you have to adhere to the residency requirement ( i speak from experience i have been msc for 3 years to be told im no longer eligible to join regs )
  4. Hi

    Hey guys my name is Secretsquirrel3333 I'm a currently serving special and have just passed my assessment for the mod plod