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    Thanks best wishes and the best of luck to you too!.The wait is horrible but I'm hoping we will find out sometime this coming week. I attended the same date I was on the morning syndicate. My logic was just to get it done and out of the way ha. Did you enjoy the day? To be fair it wasn't as bad as I was expecting at all.
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    I'm not from Merseyside, however in the near future it's looking like "Gods golden acre" where I hail from could become part of Merseyside haha.I work in Liverpool to be honest it's a great city all things considered. I've lived and worked in some bad areas but that's another story as they say. Do you miss it at all?
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    Thanks Bart :)
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    Hi all Trying to join Merseyside applied in March and attended the SEARCH assessment last month. Just waiting on the results..fingers crossed!.