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  1. Fitness Tips

    Scottish Fire & Rescue Service are recruiting for Wholetime Firefighters and could use big strong lads like yourself! - Always good to have a plan B, maybe not tell them they are Plan B or even worse that the Police was Plan A! All jokes aside you should stick with C25K. I done it, did I get results? Well, not the first time, I had to start again. That's my fault though - when it came to the later weeks when you were expected to run 10 minutes then 15, and 20 without stopping I deliberately slowed down my pace to complete the ''run'' within the time. In other words the mistake I made was allowing fear of not making the target time to dictate a slower pace. I seen results, small as they were though. I could jog for longer, but my run was still the same; my mile and a half was still the same, my bleep test was still the same, and that streetlight I couldn't get past was still my stopping point. I had to re-do the whole thing. I just re-started and got rid of the ''fear of failing'' factor; because in essence you are meant to fail, it's suppose to happen at one stage or another to give you that push factor to eventually succeed. I never jogged, I put in 100% effort and when I came back to those 10 minute, 15, 20 minute runs I failed, I failed at every attempt of those runs 1st time, even more in some cases to reach the acquired time. It didn't matter though; I just paused; noted my time and cooled off with a walk back home and tried again the next day. Eventually I reached the 30 minute mark and the 5km mark. I am now using the 10k plan. I can feel a difference; my 1.5 mile time is much better, bleep test score at an all time high, and that streetlight is long behind me now. You are not the first to want join the Police but face fitness problems, and you certainly won't be the last! So keep at it; push yourself to the limit with no fear of failure, and even add in some cycling and swimming if possible. Hope me sharing my experience helps! It took me almost 2 years by the way; I think if I never deliberately slowed down the first time using C25K I would have been half a year shorter of reaching my goal. Good luck.
  2. Certificate In Knowledge Of Policing (ckp) The link above will direct you to the Police College website and gives information on the CKP. Also, if you look on the left hand side you will see 'List of approved providers'; it goes by region; and even provides distance learning providers of the CKP. When you select your region a hyperlink (or maybe even more) should pop up; clicking on these hyperlinks will direct you to the provider where you can gather course information; including fee's, start date's, how you will be assessed, and when you will be assessed. If you struggle to find the 'List of approved providers' section then follow the following link: I hope this is of some use.
  3. I see both as being quite authoritative. But for me it's opportunities. Both offer opportunities of similar nature, as well as their own separate and unique opportunities. Hence my applying to both. Let's see what happens, eh.
  4. I would find it difficult to not feel smug in a situation like that.
  5. So it seems. If the forum depicts real life in the services then whoever says Military Policing is boring needs to re evaluate the comment lol. Could imagine all the stuff an MP would need to deal with, and from my depiction it would be very similar to civ pol, and maybe even a bit more of a laugh sometimes. Or I could just be naive. Time will tell, eh. lol
  6. I've been on it lurking and learning on what to say and what not say, a big learning curve. It's not like these Police forums. People are, how should I say... 'squaddie like' hahaha
  7. I am not competent enough to deal with them, until I get in and get the beret that says I can
  8. I will be keeping off radar on there during this appeal haha.
  9. Very unfortunate Bart. I would keep that hush hush on ARRSE though because they won't tread lightly on it. haha. They are a cheeky bunch, but a lot are a good bunch regardless :)
  10. I have been medically disqualified from joining the RMP following my submission of the Online Medical Questionnaire. However, apparently I could have a very successful appeal against the decision to disqualify me. I suffer from Hay Fever so ticked yes for the 'Skin conditions and allergies' question. Then a bunch of sub questions came up, all of which I ticked no, apart from the Medication question. When I phoned up the Army Recruitment line I explained the questions I ticked Yes to (allergies and medication). He said Hay Fever is not a disqualifying allergy, so that's good. The recruiter went on to explain that the medication question was more specific to prescribed medication from the GP. So, I said that the medication I take is over the counter antihistamines. The recruiter told me that since the tablets are not prescribed by my doctor I should also not be medically disqualified as the tablets I take are over the counter. I need to go through the whole appeal process, basically sending them an email explaining why I am appealing. I also need to get my Doctor to hand write a letter confirming that they have never seen me about hay fever, not prescribed me medication for my hay fever. Then I need to take that letter home, scan it, attach the scanned document to the email, send the email, and await the response. Although, going by the chat with the recruiter I should be successful with my appeal.
  11. Thanks guys. I have an application sent in to the RMP currently, and I also have on into Police Scotland currently as well. Very eager and excited to see what path I could go down if any.
  12. Hi guys. I was wondering if anyone could give me an insight of the similarities between Military Police and Civilian Police. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi guys, thanks for the response. I have definitely decided to go for both. Both Police Scotland and the Royal Military Police look like exciting careers with same opportunities, as well as separate unique opportunities.
  14. I have always thought of the Army as a backup plan if civilian policing never materialised, and I was wondering if I could send away applications to both at the same time? Thanks. :)
  15. I guess it's a 50/50 situation. I do think I would enjoy Police Scotland, so in the event of an unsuccessful transfer it won't lead to being stuck in a job I do not want. It's just my ultimate goal is the MOD Police. I am in a 'need to apply now' situation and waiting will hurt me financially. It could be worth a go possibly. However, then my attention comes to Slade's comment on NEOFs difficulty on transferring in, which somewhat worries me because even though I would be happy in Police Scotland, I would like to know I would still have a chance on getting in to the MOD Police rather than a flat out no chance. It's a difficult one, but ultimately I may need to go for Police Scotland and transfer out because my circumstances will not allow me to wait on the MOD Police. On a positive note, Police Scotland applicants are allowed to have a duo application with the MOD Police (this info can be found on the MOD Police website FAQ's section), so if anything comes up for the MOD Police in the meantime of my Police Scotland application I can still apply to the MOD Police. No idea how it would work given the turnaround time differences are vastly different from application sent to job offer (Police Scotland matter of months, MOD Police between 9 and 12 months). Thanks all for the responses.