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  1. Final Interview

    It’s a suitability interview, just make sure you know about the Force & why you want to join! Can’t go too far wrong :)
  2. Next course -February 2018?

    You are all going landside. We have always had the marine unit at Portsmouth but yes recent uplifts landside & on the marine section due to the QE2 and second carrier due
  3. Next course -February 2018?

    There is no rejoiners process! Devonport doesn’t have any vacancies at current time
  4. MDP Locations

    You will be asked to give top 3 preferences but no station is guaranteed. Vacancy lists are only agreed prior to each intake so once you are ready you’ll be offered what’s available! Have a read of the website FAQS! Best to direct these questions to the recruitment team :)
  5. Next course -February 2018?

    Always best to ask Recruitment - we should know the answers
  6. Next course -February 2018?

    We are waiting for it to be confirmed and to receive a vacancy list! We will be in touch once we know
  7. All I will say is that candidates sign a declaration to say they shouldn’t share information on the process at SEARCH as it completely undermines it. COP website goes through it. You are tested on how you communicate in writing & orally. How you deal with people. Ability to take in & decipher information etc. All about customer service skills :)
  8. September 2017 course

    You only have to ask the recruitment team if you have queries
  9. Thanks! I’m not applying just interested in what they do as they won’t share their process with me lol
  10. September 2017 course

    It's from your first day of employment, i.e. First day of training
  11. Out of interest...

    There are no current plans for NEOFS. If this changes it would be advertised on Facebook and our website. Our NEOF campaigns are usually for general AFOs but sometimes we recruit in to specialisms if there is a requirement. Generally these are filled internally
  12. Hi guys, what did your firearms assessment consist of?
  13. Application timescale

    There are reasons why the reasons for vetting failure can't be released unfortunately
  14. Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    If you have a beard it just has to be neat and tidy. You don't need to worry about being clean shaven for respirator useage until you are fitted for one, the training school will advise :)
  15. Bulking boots for Wethersfield

    You won't have your uniform for a couple of days at least - it'll be fine, good luck