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  1. Attitudes To Pace Introduction

    Argh, getting my centuries mixed up! I knew it was '84 though! And yeah, those are the people I'm expecting responses off - it's more for general interest than using it for any meaningful research.
  2. Attitudes To Pace Introduction

    Hi folks, I was just wondering, since PACE has been the biggest change in policing of the 21st century, according to my lecturer (ex-CID), what were your thoughts regarding its introduction? I work with an ex-CID officer at the moment, but don't really know her well enough for her to be a research subject so thought I'd hit the next best place! I was wondering as my lecturer once remarked that his colleagues said something along the lines of "Oh rubbish, the job's over" and stuff like that (Use creative licence) with that quote Cheers all, - Liam S.
  3. Experience With Nca Officers

    Thanks for the replies so far folks! - Liam S.
  4. Hi everyone! I've got to do my final year project/dissertation this year for uni, and it's going to be on police interviewing (NOT interrogation) as I was 'informed' a few years ago by a police sergeant. It's going to be about how officers are trained in PEACE interviewing and rapport building, because there's lack of research on police interviewing in the UK apparently - obviously because it's a closed setting. So, I was wondering if there are any retired officers of any length of time, that have any old and dusty training manuals on interviewing (not expecting there to be any pre-1980's), would you kindly drop me a message or reply on the thread. I would like to get my hands on them if that's okay! I wouldn't be asking if a previous contact's arrangements hadn't fell through! If you want to hear more about my research and offer your two pennies worth that would also be fantastic! Thanks all! - Liam S.
  5. Experience With Nca Officers

    I have one warning for you! There's only two seasons and there won't be a third - 6 Episodes in each! Only one season is on British Netflix, although if you're technical and desperate to watch the second season, you can use a VPN or proxy to access the American Netflix, which bizarrely has both seasons!
  6. Possibility Of Transfers?

    Hi everyone! I wanted to apply to be a Special, but I was always apprehensive about the possibility of transferring. The only reason I ask is because I'm at university, going into my third year which is in a different County. Is there any way I could join up as a special in my university county, and then transfer to my home county once I'm finished! Thank you all! - Liam S.
  7. Experience With Nca Officers

    Thanks for the reply! Been busy this week doing all the fun stuff you've gotta do when finalising a job offer! It's fantastic, it's down to earth, funny and dark all at the same time! But anyway! Is the name MIT an official designation? Or is that just a Scottish service thing? Thanks again! - Liam S.
  8. Experience With Nca Officers

    Just wondering about this, as I've broken my promise to never watch any British cop shows or movies, and ended up watching Happy Valley where the police are working with NCA officers on a kidnapping! How often, if ever, do you all get to work alongside NCA officers, and what types of cases you'd work with them?. Thanks all! - Liam S.
  9. Witness Statements

    This seems to definitely be in line with the document that I've read online from Humberside police, blueb! Keeping the statement in a chronological order, making sure it all makes sense to be put into a formal statement! Cheers mate! - Liam S.
  10. Witness Statements

    Thank you! I'm not a PC yet (hoepfully) few more years for that, and I understand what taking statements entails having had one taken myself. I just wanted to know what would happen in a situation like this, it's a bit iffy for an outsider to try to work out! Thank you for the responses! - Liam S.
  11. Entry Tests/exams

    Hi everyone! I'm wondering what sorts of tests are given to you to assess your intelligence. Are they standard aptitude tests or are they specific to the police force? I've been doing online ones and it's made me realise I should have kept up with my maths since leaving school 4/5 years ago! I think Verbal Reasoning ones I'll be okay with, provided I revise a bit. Thank you! - Liam S.
  12. I have a question about witness statements and retraction statements! Maybe however, it might not have anything to do with retraction statement I'm not sure. So for example, say there's an assault occasioning ABH, and victim says "he punched me in the face outside my home...oh no it was in the town centre" would the officer write that down exactly (best he could) or would he write the first part, delete it or erase it and just write down the second part i.e. he punched me in the face in the town centre? This might seem to officers as an easily dealt with thing, I'm just trying to think of possibilities, because I'm assuming this happens. - Liam S
  13. Woman Police Boots

    Hi! I don't know if this is much help. but maybe check out this link: It can be found on the 'More' section along nav bar at the top. The hyperlink is called 'Police Equipment'! Maybe find some boots, and type them into Amazon UK or some other such site and look for reviews!
  14. The Police Recruitment Application Form

    Thank you! Currently at Uni and gonna do some volunteering before considering a professional career in the Service! Do you think my participation in police forums and preparing for the role since forever will qualify as a good answer for Q9?
  15. Application Form: Examples of Poor Applications

    Thanks for this, I'm gonna save this for future reference! Now I know what to include and leave out!